A long shot

April 14th, 2003

Anybody know how to disconnect/connect a gas cooker with a standard bayonet hose fitting *safely*? I resent paying a plumber to do a job that, on inspection, looks so easy. Of course, gas being the dangerous entity that it is, I don’t want to go screwing it up. Help!


2 Responses to “A long shot”

  1. Shay

    Just don’t swing your spanner around too hard, the smallest spark and you’ll get a very unhealthy tan!!

  2. caz

    Just looking up the web to see how to do this and your question came up.
    It’s like a lightbulb fitting as I’ve just found out from disconnetcting my cooker about 10 mins ago.
    Push down, turn and pull. Will be a bit tight but if you get it to the right point you’ll feel it give.
    Smelt a bit of gas, but I hope it’s only the leftover gas that was still in the pipe….