Makes sense

April 14th, 2003

Fellow UK blogger, Jeremy Keith suggests a great way of writing blog titles in his Adactio: Journal. You’ll need to read his post to grasp the idea but, basically, it revolves around using phrases that people search for but that Google returns no results for. Warning: You may crave for a packet of Doritos.


10 Responses to “Makes sense”

  1. Stephen

    Why doesn’t that dood allow comments?

    Strange that I should spot that post because I was also going to search the web for the exact same reason, I have 2 Doritos scratchcards, I think I know the answers but am as reluctant to be laughed at over the counter as Jeremy.

    My clues:

    That’s not hair gel! (Something About Mary?)

    Leo picks wrong holiday (Titanic?)

  2. Guy

    I think you’re probably right on both counts. Take them in.

  3. narin

    Noooooooo… I bet the Leo one is The Beach.

  4. Guy

    You know, you’re right! Stephen, make sure you get this one right at Blockbusters!

  5. Stephen

    It’s a good job I hadn’t already written it in!

    I was thinking it was Titanic because he won the holiday on a game of cards just before the ship left didn’t he?

    I’ve only watched three-quarters of The Beach. Thanks Narin!

  6. Jamie Craven

    On the subject of Doritos, I have one that’s got me stumped. ‘We’ve Five, He’s Six’.

    Any help would be much appreciated

  7. Stephen

    Hmmm. Well “we” have five senses and Hayley Joel-Osment has six so my best guess would be:

    The Sixth Sense.

  8. Guy

    Well done Stephen, I’m sure you’re right. There is a need to launch a ‘known dorito answers’ site somewhere here isn’t there?

  9. Guy

    Stephen now has answers to loads of these clues posted on his site: Hot foot it over there if you want answers!

  10. Jackie

    I need help with “Leo Picks wrong holiday” is anyone definite on what the answer is.