April 14th, 2003

Regular readers will remember the amount of hassle I have with my Sky Digital subscription. I’m having hassle again. Sky have decided to ‘upgrade’ their viewing cards. They have been sending out millions of new cards to their subscribers and kindly informing them that their old card will expire. So I should have been prepared for the complete loss of service on Friday night. I wasn’t. I got home after a hard week and was just settling down to enjoy an episode of The Simpsons when a message appeared on my screen: “This viewing card is not authorised”. It told me to replace my card with my new one. What new card? I didn’t get a new card. Cheers then.

I phoned up their customer service and was told that I needed a new card. “But I never got one!”. The operator told me a new one would be sent out in the post on Monday and it should arrive in the next 5-10 days. Oh, right. So, can I use my old card in the meantime? No, you must wait for the new one to arrive. So I can’t watch any Sky TV then? Apparently not.

Regular readers will also remember that I can’t receive an analogue signal in Legoland. That’s why we have Sky in the first place. So no viewing for me at all then? So it would seem.

I listened to the first half of Southampton -v- Watford in the FA cup semi final on Radio 5 live. It was good and kept me informed, but lacked something. So we hoofed over to Helen’s parents and watched the second half there. A 2:1 victory was obtained. We haven’t been this far since 1976. That year we also won the FA cup from Man United. Hopefully we can repeat that classic performance against Arsenal. We shall seeĀ…

We are moving house on Thursday. We can get TV through an Aerial in Buckingham. Oh to have basic services again. What joy.


2 Responses to “Wireless”

  1. Stephen

    Hmm. Whilst watching 30 years of Last of the Summer Wine last night I too was bothered by the repeated appearance of the “replace card” message.

    We have no replacement card either!

  2. Guy

    Basically, when you turn your TV on today, you will have no Sky. Please let me know how pissed off you become with the whole thing! Tip: If you haven’t turned your box off since the message started appearing, you will be ok. The message will go after twenty minutes. Make the mistake of turning the box off and you will never see it again. (Well, until you get the new card anyway!)