We have moved

April 21st, 2003

Our first ever first hand experience of buying and selling a property is over. We have left the post-modern suburban utopia of Milton Keynes for the relative country tranquillity of Buckingham town. It truly feels as though we have come home.

We left Buckingham a little under two years ago because, at that stage we couldn’t afford to buy here. Our rent was going through the roof and we had a pub to the left of us and exceedingly noisy neighbours below and to the right of us. Milton Keynes beckoned with its promise of modern, hassle free living, good commuter links and low crime. We moved, we lived the MK dream, we left. It suits some, just not us.

I came to the conclusion that only people who hail from Milton Keynes can truly appreciate it. Those of us who were born in a vibrant city of culture, diversity and history find the random placing of mock Tudor and Georgian builds just a little unnerving. It just doesn’t ring true. And what of the hustle and bustle of city life? The intertwining of dwellings with public houses, corner and barber shops? Features you wont find in Milton Keynes. That is, unless you stray to the furthest reaches of the so-called ‘city’. Bletchley and Wolverton signal the furthest reaches of Milton Keynes. Both are historic towns of character and charm. They don’t fit with the Milton Keynes ideal and many dilapidated Victorian buildings are scattered around these areas. Yet these are the places that you’ll find the kebab houses, the markets and the ‘characters’. Milton Keynes, even the name sounds a bit odd. Yes, we’re glad to have moved.

So, here we are. We have swapped our modern 1990s Milton Keynes semi for a detached 70s Buckingham house on a hill. I haven’t felt this good in ages. The TV works out of the box, no need for Sky. We can even get an excellent picture for Channel 5 as well as a local Oxford channel – Channel Six. The rooms are big enough to entertain, not just functional boxes where people sleep. You can actually get into the loft and walk around rather than simply poke your head in and leave. The plumbing works, despite the thinnest pipes around powering the radiators.

So what of the ‘issues’? Well, the work on the lintel in the dining room is so well covered up that you’d never guess retrospective buildings regs work had been carried out. We do, however, have the typical 70s woodchip in the hall and living room. Woodchip – the evil of decorating. The bastard to remove. As featured in Pulp’s ‘Disco 2000’ – we have woodchip on the wall. So, we’re gonna have to spend days steaming the stuff off and, I imagine, re-plastering vast areas of wall. There is further evidence of this by the huge radiator in the living room. The plaster behind it is so dried out the brackets are starting to come away from the wall. Not to worry, all in a summers day(s) work. The living room also has a floral carpet. We have ordered a new, more tasteful one. There is also a paucity of sockets. We need at least another 10 electric sockets installed throughout the house as well as some more phone points. I installed a new one yesterday downstairs but am managing with an incredibly long extension lead to my PC at the moment. On the electricity front, having trundled our gas cooker all the way from Milton Keynes after capping off the supply and everything, we discover that it’s actually an electric cooker we need. Arrrggghh! No food! So, after a little stress, we buy a new Beko cooker from Comet to be delivered on Sunday. We’re embarking on a solid week of microwavable meals. All these small things will be sorted with time. That’s the beauty of living somewhere you love, you just don’t mind.


2 Responses to “We have moved”

  1. Stephen

    Excellent news mon brav.

    No concrete farm animals in Buckingham, though!

  2. Shay

    Rock and Roll!