Rolling rolling rolling

April 25th, 2003

I return to work to find piles of work on my desk, piles of work not yet on my desk and ideas of more piles of work to be placed on my desk. Busy? You could say that, yes. Like many UK organisations/companies at the moment, there’s a recruitment freeze on here and we’re down at least four people. Desperate to continue to prove our validity as a team, we continue to accept more work. Big plans are afoot for empowering content writers to get into content and change it themselves. That will free up a lot of time spent maintaining website content and enable me to do the designing/building of sites that I am employed to do. For now, we plough onwardsÂ…

Housing wise, a new electric cooker with fab ceramic hob arrives on Sunday. Our new living room carpet arrives on the 6th May (Helen’s b-day) and I have discovered that ceramic coving is less expensive than I thought. We’re not looking forward to the job of removing the woodchip from the living room, since the stud wall that separates the dining room may need replacing with newer plasterboard. Scary stuff, but we may be able to handle the task. Hopefully the Complete Collins DIY Manual will be of some help.

My best buddy, Deans (Harry) flies out to Kuala Lumpur on the 27th (Monday) for a stint of travelling round Thailand and the neighbouring countries. Hopefully, he’s purchased a decent dust mask! He’s celebrating his 23rd birthday tonight in the Toad in the Park, Southampton and then it’s off to a late night curry house for a slap up feast. Ever noticed how many of your mates have April birthdays?