Jobs a good ‘un

April 28th, 2003

Back at work after an action packed weekend. We went down to Southampton to say farewell to the mighty Deans who today embarks on a three-month traipse across Malaysia despite the increasing threat of SARS. Deans has been my best mate for thirteen years, ever since we started secondary school together. I’m hoping he’ll return with many a tale to tell and that he doesn’t run into too many lady-boys!

Anyway, we went out Friday night to a club in Southampton called ‘Toad in the Park’. Deans was suitably wasted before we arrived and managed to get himself ejected from the place within two hours of our arrival. He had all his mates and work colleagues wondering what the hell to do. At least 16 of us had just donated a pound each to a massive alcohol-fuelled drink. We ended up sharing it out. This probably wasn’t a bad thing as the hangover from the cocktail would surely have made an for unpleasant 12 hour plane journey. Not to be perturbed, we sobered him up slightly before entering the depths of the Rhino club whereby Deans was searched for drugs. Nothing was found though by the wondering blank eyes and random dance display I’d put serious cash that he was on something. We managed to get back to Deans’ house despite the fact that he and his girlfriend bailed on the taxi halfway home! They eventually turned up an let us in from the rain. The next morning we said goodbye to the decidedly worse-for-wear Deans and it was onto weekend event no.2.

The second of our weekend events began buy entering the land of Satan (PC World) to buy my brother, Hugh a HP printer/scanner combo for his emac. I was amazed that we managed to get in and out of the store within twenty minutes. That’s the first (and probably last) time that has happened. We met up with Hugh and his girlfriend Rachel and I enjoyed a tasty 8oz rump steak and a few more pints to top up the previous evening’s excess. We walked it all off with a brisk walk through Southampton Common before setting off on the return journey to Buckingham. By about half four we were back and Mike Hoddy arrived straight after. So it was out of the Clio and into his borrowed van to help him unload some old carpet and kitchen appliances at the tip. We then went back to mine for a brief cup of tea. Not more than two hours later we were round at our neighbours polishing off a couple of bottles of white wine. By this point I was insanely tired, having only achieved four hours sleep over the last 24 hours. I was asleep as soon as the head hit the pillow only to be woken up at the crack of dawn by the delivery of our new electric cooker. Ever seen that episode of The Simpsons where Homer has to work day and night to pay for Lisa’s horse? That’s what I felt like.

Still, we can now eat hot food that doesn’t require a microwave after a week without a cooker. I was slightly worried about wiring the thing in myself, especially considering the huge amount of sleep deprivation. I swear I must have studied the wires for over an hour before making up my mind where to stick them. I flipped the switch as was pleasantly surprised that the thing didn’t go bang. The cocker clock was flashing, illustrating that a current was supplied. Job’s a good ‘un! To celebrate, we trundled off to Tesco for a mighty breakfast. Despite the much needed calories, I was feeling exceedingly tired at this point. We soldiered on to Legoland (MK) to get some bits and bobs and I discovered that the car was leaking water onto me! I seems that in the torrential downpour on Friday night, my car had got a load of water forced into the roof. It was leaking onto me via the reading light. Too tired to care, we motored back home. Helen started painting my study. Guess what? She didn’t have the right roller. So I walked all the way into Woolworth’s in Buckingham to get one for her. I walked all the way back, gave her the roller and crashed out on the couch. Today, I’m recharged and ready to take what life throws at me. So far, this has included not being able to determine who supplies our electricity, getting a new glasses prescription, changing the details on my Council Tax bill and wading through the still endless piles of work on my desk. Fun fun fun.


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