Doritos movie scratchcard help

April 30th, 2003

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  1. Infinitely good animated adventure – Toy Story
  2. Rock hard sandy saga – The Scorpian King
  3. Historical headless horseman horror – Sleepy Hollow
  4. Space sister kicks acid – Alien
  5. Madonna’s Mans First Feature – Lock, Stock and Two
    Smoking Barrels
  6. Egyptian tomb action flick – The Mummy
  7. Hunt For Headless Horseman – Sleepy Hollow
  8. Locked Up Lawyers Liberation – The Shawshank Redemption
  9. Soldiers survive dock attack – Pearl Harbour
  10. Wheely gross car odyssey – Road Trip
  11. Iceberg, ship, glug, glug – Titanic
  12. Bare knuckles and Diamonds – Snatch
  13. "Wannabe gangster saves Staines" – Ali G In Da House
  14. Four rings one box – Four weddings and a funeral
  15. Bruce battles big rock – Armaggeddon
  16. The Rock’s mummified adventure – The Scorpion King
  17. Bus can’t use Brakes – Speed
  18. Welsh beauty handles heist – Entrapment
  19. Boyfriend smashes grandma’s ashes – Meet The Parents
  20. Mutants with mystery powers – X-Men
  21. Creatures Seek Scream Power – Monsters, Inc
  22. Nicole Senses Ghoulish Guests – The Others
  23. Fox nearly snogs mum – Back to the future
  24. Techie tv spy remake – Mission Impossible
  25. Hanks leads yank battalion – Saving Private Ryan
  26. Big lizard bashes city – Godzilla
  27. Krypton Boy Saves Metropolis – Superman
  28. Mother locks all doors – The Others
  29. Stone Cold ‘Nam Flick – Platoon
  30. Enterprise boldly goes silver – Star Trek Nemesis
  31. Affleck avoids air attack – Pearl Harbour
  32. Swayze’s a smooth mover – Dirty Dancing
  33. Walking with scary dinosaurs – Jurassic Park
  34. Halle’s Shaken Not Stirred – Die Another Day
  35. 70’s britain seduces asians – East is East
  36. Flashbacks to bunker bunkum – The Hole
  37. Kid scarers get scared – Monsters, Inc
  38. Secret agent on ice – Die Another Day
  39. Bold babe cracks corporation – Erin Brockovitch
  40. Wilson keeps Tom sane – Castaway
  41. Puffy dies Halla cries – Monsters Ball
  42. Spacemen get stomach problems – Alien
  43. Girl Kicks Out Stereotypes – Bend it like Beckham
  44. Virgin gets just dessert – American Pie
  45. Leo picks wrong holiday – The Beach
  46. That’s not hair gel! – Something About Mary
  47. Gladiator’s Stroke Of Genius – A Beautiful Mind
  48. Well endowed screen star – Boogie Nights
  49. Scots Go Off the Rails – Trainspotting
  50. Whalberg in monkey business – Planet of the Apes
  51. Bookworm meets movie star – Notting Hill
  52. Gwyneth in a fat suit – Shallow Hal
  53. Boy bread, duck dead – About a Boy
  54. Sheen’s Tour of Duty – Platoon
  55. White suit, slick moves – Saturday Night Fever
  56. Boy meets warm pastry – American Pie
  57. Aliens mow farmers lawn – Signs
  58. The Bodyguard goes Native – Dances with Wolves
  59. Dole queue dance routine – The Full Monty
  60. Robots find new master – Star Wars
  61. Cruise cracks pre-crime – Minority Report
  62. Fresh prince saves world – Independance Day
  63. Martys motorised time machine – Back To The Future
  64. Ghost face slashes teens – Scream
  65. Bad ass blood sucker – Blade
  66. Oh be one, Ben – Dare Devil
  67. Hard hitting Hale drama – Monsters Ball
  68. Cleaner’s magnificent at maths – Good Will Hunting

Could be’s

  1. Convicted Robbins Makes Break – The Shawshank Redemption?
  2. Parisian showgirls sing pop – Moulin Rouge?
  3. Jodie seeks tiny refuge – Panic Room?
  4. Brattish Boarders Discover Bunker – The Hole?
  5. Gross Flatmate "Pretty Woman" – Notting Hill?
  6. Lads avoid arranged marriage – East is East?
  7. Bond in crushed velvet – Austin Powers?
  8. Colourful Misters rob bank – Reservoir Dogs?
  9. Kev’s the unusual patient – K-Pax?
  10. Good, evil, magic, jewellery – Lord of the Rings?
  11. Reporter’s into phone boxes – Superman?
  12. Boy shore can run – Forrest Gump?
  13. Now Everybody Be Cool – From Dusk Till Dawn? Pulp
  14. Settler becomes socialite sexpert – The Guru?
  15. Demi gets grade one – G.I. Jane?
  16. Blond becomes a brief – Legally Blond?
  17. Aliens wipeout whitehouse – Independance Day?
  18. Swayze Seduces Summer Student – Dirty Dancing?
  19. Blue Faced Scottish Warriors – Braveheart?
  20. Tom Nice But Dim – Forrest Gump?
  21. Marines meet female match – G.I. Jane?
  22. Lads avoid arranged marriage – East is East?
  23. Rubber necked space visitor – ET?
  24. Break code, beat Germans – Enigma?
  25. Kevin thinks he’s "spacey" – American Beauty? K-PAX?
  26. Movie you can’t refuse – The Godfather?
  27. Howling good army action – Dog Soldiers?
  28. Doctor meets over Chianti – Silence of the Lambs? Hannibal?
  29. Space soldiers squash bugs – Starship Troopers?
  30. Hugh avoids taking vows – Four weddings and a funeral?
  31. Michelle takes scary bath – What Lies Beneath?
  32. Costner and the Indians – Dances with Wolves?
  33. Brad detects deadly sins – Se7en?
  34. Cool Shades Cool Songs – Blues Brothers?
  35. Dad grills daughters guy – Meet the parents?
  36. Slick Suited Medallion Man – Saturday night fever? Shaft?
  37. Crimes stopped before committed – Minority Report?
  38. Enterprise Hits Big Screen – Star Trek One?
  39. Bond run on Diesel – XXX?
  40. We’ve five, he’s six – The Sixth Sense?
  41. Police chase shady siblings – Blues Brothers?
  42. Little one protects trinket – Lord of the Rings?
  43. Sticks scare lost students – Blair Witch Project?
  44. Singleton Scribes Love Life – Bridget Jones’s Diary?
  45. He is the greatest – Ali?
  46. King of the Ring – Rocky?
  47. Ear today gone tomorrow – Reservoir Dogs?
  48. Killer wears posh suits – Red Dragon? Hannibal?
  49. Messages in bathroom mirror – What Lies Beneath?

No idea

  1. Animated aristocrat’s after antiques
  2. America’s mid life crisis


215 Responses to “Doritos movie scratchcard help”

  1. Guy

    “Rock” hard sandy Saga – The Scorpion king

  2. Nuke

    Girl Kicks Out Stereotypes – bend it like beckham
    Slick Suited Medallion Man – Saturday night fever

  3. dave

    wheely gross car odyssey…road trip ?

  4. Shay

    Killer wears posh suits….American Psycho?
    Virgin gets just dessert…American Pie?

  5. ste

    Stone Cold ‘Nam Flick= platoon
    Enterprise boldly goes silver= star trek nemisis
    Enterprise Hits Big Screen= star trek one

  6. Stephen


    Keep them-a-comin.

  7. woozle

    crimes stopped before committed – minority report?

  8. Stolga

    “Virgin gets just desert” – definately American Pie.

  9. Claire

    Virgin gets just dessert – Cherry Falls
    Slick Suited Medallion Man – Shaft
    Girl Kicks Out Stereotypes – Legally Blonde

  10. Gary

    I have the Doritos clue “cleaner’s magnificent at maths”. I have no idea what the film is.

  11. Boomer

    Cool Shades Cool Songs – Blues Brothers

  12. Pauline

    Well Endowed Screen Star is DEFINATELY Boogie Nights (I scratched off the answer!)

  13. Stephen

    Gary: “cleaner is magnificent at maths” is most definitely Good Will Hunting.

    I will update this page in a few moments with all the latest additions from everyone. Cheers!

  14. Stephen

    Okay there are now about 8 more added to the list above.

    Including one I got earlier on myself: “Good, evil, magic, jewellery”

    Could that be LOTR?…

  15. Pats

    Confired …
    Girl Kicks Out Stereotypes – Bend it like Beckham

    Any ideas on these:
    1. Michelle takes scary bath (What Lies Beneath?)
    2. Blond becomes a brief (Erin Brokovich?)
    3. Costner and the Indians ???

    I seem to be eating a lot of Doritos 🙂

  16. Stephen

    Pats: Cheers for confirming the stereotypes one.

    1. Got to be What Lies Beneath
    2. Not sure
    3. Got to be Dances with Wolves

  17. MartiGoo

    Blond becomes a brief – Legally blonde??

    Stone Cold ‘Nam Flick

  18. MartiGoo

    Oops for got to put answer last time!!

    Stone Cold ‘Nam Flick – Full metal jacket

  19. Penny

    Don,t know these, can anyone please help ?

    Howling good army action

    Doctor meats over chianti

  20. LadyAnnie

    Doctor meats over chianti – Hanibal?
    Howling good army action – Dog Soldiers?

  21. LadyAnnie

    Flashbacks to Bunker Bunkum – I think this is The Bourne Identity

  22. SUZY

    Any ideas on ‘space soldiers squash bugs’ and ‘hugh avoids taking vows’?

  23. LadyAnnie

    ‘space soldiers squash bugs’ – starship troopers?
    ‘hugh avoids taking vows’ – four weddings and a funeral, it has to be!

  24. Stephen

    I think you’re definitely right on the last two LadyAnnie, and the Dog Soldiers one.

    “Doctor meets over Chianti” could be Hannibal but I wouldn’t dismiss Silence of the Lambs either, remembering one of the quotes:

    “A census taker once tried to test me… I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti”

  25. Boomer

    Spacemen get stomach problems – Alien (definatly)

  26. Marti Goo

    Wilson keeps Tom sane – Castaway
    Puffy dies Halla cries – Monsters Ball

    Both are definite cashed them in last night!

  27. Daniel Versteeg

    I’ve just got the clue = “Walking With Scary Dinosaurs”.

    I can only think of Jurassic Park?

    Any ideas?



  28. Penny


  29. cowboy

    Bold babe cracks corporation is Erin Brockovitch (deffo scratched off)

    robots find new master = starwars (deffo scratched off)

    secret agent on ice = james bond die another day (deffo scratched off)

    kid scarers get scared = monsters inc (deffo scratched off)

  30. cowboy

    70’s britain seduces asians ????? help any one pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  31. julie


  32. julie

    70’s britain seduces asians is pro ANITA AND ME OR EAST IS EAST

  33. peter

    can anyone pop this one for me please: movie you cant refuse

  34. Fi

    Any ideas on this one….Kevin thinks he’s “spacey” please??

  35. dave

    the answer to “flashbacks to bunker bunkum” was “the Hole”………just got my dvd from blockbusters with it.

  36. dave

    “movie you can’t refuse”……The Godfather perhaps (as in make you an offer you can’t refuse)

  37. Daniel Versteeg

    I really can’t think of an answer for “Walking With Scary Dinosaurs”.

    The only dinosaur movies i can think of are Jurassic Park and Godzilla!

    Help please!!!!!

  38. Stephen

    Julie: Movie you can’t refuse must be Godfather.

    Fi: My best guess is American beauty, as Kevin Spacey gets high off pot in it.

    Cheers everyone.

  39. Ron


    Rubber necked space visitor

    Could be ET maybe

  40. cowboy

    hanks leads yank battalion = saving private ryan ???? looks a good un

    lads avoid arranged marriage = east is east ?? possable may be

  41. cowboy

    ok i got fed up

    70’s britain seduces asians = east is east ( scratched off )

    so wot is

    lads avoid arranged marriage

    and i spose i better join blockbusters so i can get a dvd :-s

  42. neil

    “infinitely good animated adventure” could this be never ending story (don’t know how the “good” fits in to this)

  43. Gary

    Thanks for the help with “Cleaners magnificent at maths”. Would never have guessed that in a million years.

  44. Daniel

    Has anyone confirmed ‘The Rock’s mummified mission.? Could it be The Scorpion King again?

  45. Stephen

    Daniel, No! Your answer will most likely be The Mummy Returns.

    The Rock is also in that film.

  46. Arj

    hi , has anyone had ‘Marines meet female match’? I reckon its ‘G.I Jane’ let me know , cheers 4 all the help stephen!

  47. woodymoh

    hi i just got ” AFLLECK AVOIDS AIR ATTACK” Pearl Habor???? anyone??

  48. Stephen

    Arj: my money would be on G.I. Jane.

    Woodymoh, I’d say Pearl Harbour too!

  49. Pats

    Got a few more …
    1. Swayze Seduces Summer Student (Dirty Dancing?)
    2. Blue Faced Scottish Warriors (Braveheart?)
    3. Tom Nice But Dim (?)

  50. Michael

    “Halle’s Shaken Not Stirred” – Die Another Day

  51. Stephen

    Pats, you’re right with the first two. “Tom nice but dim” is bound to be Forrest Gump.

  52. Daniel Versteeg

    Any more ideas for “Walking With Scary Dinosaurs”

    Please help!!!

  53. Daniel Versteeg

    Got bored and scratched it off!
    “Walking with scary dinosaurs” = Jurassic Park

  54. Stephen

    That’s what you thought it was! You should’ve at least written it in and tried it down there!


  55. Fi

    Here’s a confirmed one for you all….
    Swayze’s a smooth mover = Dirty Dancing

  56. Rachel

    Hi – just got the following clue
    “boyfriend smashes grandma’s ashes”
    Can anybody help?

  57. LadyAnnie

    “boyfriend smashes grandma’s ashes” – is this Meet the Parents?

  58. Paul

    I’m stuck on “Welsh beauty handles heist” anyone got any ideas.

  59. Stephen

    Boyfriend smashes granmas ashes is most probably Meet The Parents, yeah.

    Paul: I’d go for Traffic (Catherine Zeta-Jones) but I’m not 100%. Defo gona be a CZJ flick though.

  60. woodymoh

    “Affleck Avoids Air Attack”
    DEFINETLY Pearl Habour. i got 2 see X2 with it!!

  61. Paul

    Traffic sounds good to me for heist, I’ll give it a try and let you know how I get on.

  62. toby

    Kevin thinks he’s “spacey” – must surely be K-PAX

  63. Alan

    Just got “REPORTER’S INTO PHONE BOXES” any help please. Thought it might be Superman but it seems to be a plural.

  64. Paul

    Just got Aliens wipeout whitehouse – think it must be Independace Day do you agree?

  65. Claire

    Stone Cold ‘Nam Flick – is 100% Platoon i took it in last night.

  66. Daniel

    Cheers Stephen for the Mummy Returns

    Just got ‘Demi gets grade one’. Could it be GI Jane?

  67. Michael

    ‘Brattish Boarders Discover Bunker’ Any ideas?

  68. Paul Tricki

    A friend suggested the answer to Nicole Senses Ghoulish Guests”…. Could it be “The Others”?

  69. Shane Brown

    Definiate (I Claimed It)
    Krypton Boy Saves Metropolis = Superman

    Maybe (Not Claimed)
    Madonna’s Mans First Feature = The Hard Case

    Need Help With
    Now Everybody Be Cool

    If Anyone Knows The Answer To The Last One Or Can Confirm The Second One Then Please Post Here

  70. Bob

    welsh beauty handles heist could be entrapment and I reckon that Flashbacks to bunker bunkum could be blast from the past….dunno maybe not!

  71. Shane Brown

    “Blond becomes a brief” could be legally blond

  72. Stephen

    Shane: I’m definitely not 100% but if I were to guess I’d say “Now Everybody Be Cool” is From Dusk Til Dawn.

    (Infamous Clooney quote “Everybody be cool, you be cool”)

  73. julie


  74. Stephen

    Julie, that’ll be The Mummy or The Scorpion King probably. Sorry I can’t be more precise.

  75. Party Girl

    “Now Everybody Be Cool” is definitely a Tarantino film, probably PULP FICTION? (diner scene)

    Big lizard bashes city is Godzilla

  76. Harry the man


    “Hank leads yank battalion” – SAVING PRIVATE RYAN
    “Techie tv spy remake” – MISSION IMPOSSIBLE
    “Fox nearly snogs mum” – BACK TO THE FUTURE
    “Nicole senses ghoulish guests” – THE OTHERS
    “Big lizard bashes city” – GODZILLA
    “Creatures seek scream power” – MONSTERS INC
    “Mutants with mystery powers” – X-MEN

  77. Doritos Dude & Film Guru

    Answers so far…

    “Boyfriend smashes Grandma’s Ashes” – Meet the Parents (tried and tested)

    “Walking with scary Dinosaurs” – Jurassic Park (tried and tested)

    “Gladiators stroke of genius” – A Beautiful Mind (not tested, but it’s obvious)

    “Bus can’t use Brakes” – Speed (tried and tested)

    “The Rock’s mummified adventure” – The Scorpion King (not tested, but it’s either that or The Mummy Returns and considering the Rock is only in that movie for about 2 minutes, i have to go for The Scorpion King.

    “Scots go off rails” – Trainspotting (I haven’t personally tested this, but i read that someone has)

    “Bruce battles big rock” – Armaggeddon (duh!)

    “Four rings one box” – Four weddings and a funeral. (i scratched the ‘void’ if removed panel and revealed this answer. I’m a pratt but there you go…

    That’s pretty much all i’ve got so far, hope this helps you get your free movie/cinema tickets. I know i’ve taken up scoffing Dorito’s for the next few months!

  78. arj

    i got tummy ache from these doritos and hot salsa dip ! , oh well good promo n e way. Ill confirm ‘marines meet female match’ 2morrow , pretty sure its G.I Jane.

  79. Shane Brown

    I ate 9 bags yesterday (got 4 cards 🙂 ) and i really started to feel ill, they where mexicab heatwave ones. Another 6 bags today, well its not my fault its a multipack (6) for 59p so im gonna buy loads, if i get 1 free rental per pack its only 59p per rental instead of £3:50.

  80. Walker

    A couple more maybe’s:
    Iceberg, ship, glug, glug – Titanic?
    Kev’s the unusual patient – K Pax?

  81. Roy

    I have 2 more yet unsolved cards

    “WANNABE GANGSTER SAVES STAINES” – very probable answer is “ALI G IN DA HOUSE”

  82. Ali

    Here’s a new one for you guys, “Jodie seeks tiny refuge”???

  83. Arj

    Roy , “WANNABE GANGSTER SAVES STAINES” is Ali G inda house. Do they do the offer in normal doritos bags? ive been eating the big dippa bags!! :'(

  84. Arj

    ok i just got ‘Bond in crushed velvet’ i got no idea , anyone got n e suggestions?

  85. Stephen

    Many many apologies to anyone who’s been trying to come here in the last day or so and has been unsuccessful.

    My hosts are to blame and I hope that’s the last of the down time.

    Keep on postin’!

  86. Jason

    anybody known this one …..

    do you think it’s East is East ?

  87. Peter

    Bare Knuckles and Diamonds – Snatch

  88. walker

    Two definates

    Welsh beauty handles heist – Entrapment (got it wrong with Traffic!)

    Iceberg, ship, glug, glug – Titanic (Got 1 hour photo for free)

  89. arj

    ‘Bond in crushed velvet’ wat is it!!

  90. Paul Tricki

    Gross Flatmate “Pretty Woman” – NOTTING HILL (probably????)

  91. Shay

    Arj, Bond in crushed velvet is inevitably one of the Austin Powers movies, as Goldmember is most recent I’d go with that…

  92. Daniel

    Good to see the site back up. I thought Doritos had closed you down!

    Any thoughts on ‘Demi gets grade one’? GI Jane?

  93. Shay

    Grade one refers to a hair cut, reckon GI Jane is the correct answer as she famously shaved her noggin for the role!

  94. Stephen

    List has now been updated with all the latest submissions.

  95. rachel

    definates are:
    soldiers survive dock attack-pearl harbour
    wheelie gross car oddesy-road trip
    dole queue dance routine-full monty

  96. TableNineMutant

    Not sure if anyone has answered these yet or not:

    Jodie seeks tiny refuge (I’d say definitely Panic Room)

    Brattish Boarders Discover Bunker (probably The Hole?)

    Has “Messages In Bathroom Mirror” been mentioned yet? I think it’s maybe What Lies Beneath?

    Someone told me that they scratched off the answer for “Locked-Up Lawyer’s Liberation” and it is The Shawshank Redemption even though Tim Robbins was NOT a lawyer… Weird. Guess Doritos didn’t check their facts.

  97. cowboy

    Parisian showgirls sing pop could it be Moulin rouge

  98. Stephen

    That’s an interesting one Mr. Mutant. Robbins was a tax man wasn’t he not a lawyer.

    Latest additions will be posted in a few mins…

  99. cowboy

    lads avoid arranged marriage = east is east (deffo scratched off)

  100. Nubobulator

    I have sum answers and 1 possible but i want sum1 to back me up on it.

    Bookworm meets movie star – notting hill (i have used it)
    Tom Nice But Dim – Forrest Gump

    But wat is:- Boy Sure Can Run? I think it is forrest gump again but sumthin just doesn’t feel rite about it.

    Do you think this is a record, 8 bags of doritos in a row and 8 movie cards? my mate has dun it

  101. David

    Madonna’s man’s first feature…I think this is Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

    Anyone know 🙂

  102. Shane Brown

    Hunt For Headless Horseman – Hollowman????

  103. julie

    ‘Egyptian tomb action flick’ is definity ‘the mummy’

  104. julie

    shane brown = ‘hunt for headless horseman’ is sleepy hollo(definitly)

  105. Neil

    madonna’s man first feature is lock stock & two smoking barrels (definatly).

  106. Neil

    ‘Bond in crushed velvet’ anyone know for sure ?.

  107. Ian

    “Space Sister Kicks Acid” is definitely Alien
    “Convicted Robbins Makes Break” The Shawshank Redemption??

    “Bond in Crushed Velvet” Austin Powers??

  108. Claire

    space sister kicks acid = alien
    Historical headless horseman horror = sleepy hollow

  109. Daniel

    ‘Rock hard sandy saga’ – definitely Scorpion King

  110. Austin

    Any ideas on King of the Ring or Star Trek hits the big screen?

  111. Stephen

    Austin, I question whether you got one saying “Star Trek hits the big screen” seeing as the answer seems to be within the clue..? Unless of course Doritos are really stupid.

    If you mean “Enterprise hits the big screen” we think the answer is Star Trek (one) so far as you’ll see from the lists above the comments.

  112. tosh

    America’s mid life crisis
    Any ideas?

  113. keezee

    anyone help army blokes battle werewolves poss = dog soilders

  114. Guy


    America’s mid life crisis –

    Initial thoughts are ‘American Beauty’, though I’m probably wrong.

  115. Richard

    Infinitely good animated adventure = Toy Story
    (I scratched the box)

  116. Paul

    “Colourful misters rob bank” must be Reservoir Dogs, surely? (Mr Brown, Mr Pink etc.)

  117. Smythe


    I cant see this anywhere:


    Any Ideas

  118. Steve

    America’s midlife crisis maybe CITY SLICKERS?
    Layabout befriends loney lad – any ideas?

  119. Nubobulator



  120. Nigel

    nebody know “Marky Mark’s ‘adult’ movie?

  121. HAN AND DAN

    thanks for the “colourful misters rob bank” answer!!

    We have had:

    He sees dead people – Sixth Sense ( I mean not hard!!)

    Scream flick gets laughs – Scary movie

    Crimes solved before commited – Minority Report

    Best of luck all, were still eating and buying!!

    Han & Dan

  122. Stephen

    Steve, ‘Layabout befriends lonely lad’ = About A Boy maybe?

  123. Neil

    ‘Boy sure can run’ has gotta be Forrest Gump ?
    ‘Marky Marks adult movie’ must be Boogie Nights ?
    Neither definates but pretty sure.

  124. Stephen

    Can’t thank you enough for getting this back up and running on a temporary basis, Guy.


  125. walker

    Just got ‘Halle’s shaken not stirred’ – must be Die another day don’t you think?

    ‘Wanna Royale with cheese’ – Pulp Fiction?

  126. Roy

    Another unsolved clue “COOL CHICKS KICK BUTT”

  127. Dave

    America’s mid life crisis – American Beauty

    Cool Chicks Kick Butt – Charlies Angels

    Both a correct and have been used!!!

  128. me!

    “Howling good army action” is definately Dog Soldiers.

    “Crimes stopped before committed” is def Minority Report

  129. unknown

    What is “slick suited medallion man” shaft or saturday night fever?????

  130. Eric Cheerful

    “Hard Hitting Halle Drama” maybe Monsters Ball?

  131. Little Me

    Has anyone managed to get “animated aristocrats after antiques”?

    Keep up the good work guys!

  132. janken

    Anybody solved “COLLEGE KIDS CAR CAPER”? I thought it may be Road Trip, but that has already been an answer to another clue. Do some films fit more than one clue? Any help appreciated.

  133. Guy

    Jenken, based upon previous answers I’d say that there may be two or more clues to the same film. So, College Kids Car Caper has got to be “Road Trip”.

  134. boatman

    any one know this

  135. BOATMAN


  136. unknown

    What is “slick suited medallion man” shaft or saturday night fever?????

  137. Guy

    Code break beat Germans = Enigma?
    Layabout befriends lonely lad = The Talented Mr Ripley?
    Slick suited medallion man = Saturday night fever (i think)

  138. Stephen

    Layabout befriends lonely lad is probably About A Boy.

  139. janken

    Anyone found the answer to ARMY BLOKES BATTLE WEREWOLVES yet? I don’t think dog soldiers sounds right.

  140. Greg

    Got 2 cards, filled the answers on them the wrong way round. Was made a fool of in Blockbusters when the assistant kindly pointed out my mistake with a large queue behind me:

    Hunt for headless horseman – Titanic

    Iceberg, ship, glug, glug – Sleepy Hollow

    Be careful what you write!


  141. bruce

    I would appreciate help on this one….

    Kevin thinks he’s “spacey”

    K pax or american beauty?

    Anyone know for sure?

  142. bruce

    I would appreciate help on this one….

    Kevin thinks he’s “spacey”

    K pax or american beauty?

    Anyone know for sure?

  143. david


  144. Lynn

    Help please..

    Guy’s Cockney Crime Caper – Lock, Stock ?

    King of World, Sinks – Titanic?

    College Kid’s Car Caper – ???

    Thanks anyone / everyone

  145. Guy

    David, – These answers have already been pointed out in the above comments. We’ll get around to updating the list soon. But for now..

    Layabout befriends lonely lad is probably About A Boy.

    Break code, beat Germans – Enigma

    — Granted, these are not definites yet, but give ’em a go.

  146. david

    ok guy cheers

  147. Jacqui

    Need help with these two:
    The first rule is…..(could this be Fight Club?)
    Killer Wears Posh suit (several suggested answers for this including American Psycho)

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks everyone

  148. Lyn Matthews

    Boy sure can run – could be “The running man”

    killer wears posh suits – could be “Dressed to Kill”

  149. Shane Brown

    66. Oh be one, Ben – Dare Devil

    Thanx to whoever gave this one, ITS WRONG. The answer as i found out rather embarressingly today was starwars (How obvious).


    44.Police chase shady siblings – Blues Brothers?
    Is definately right i used it today.

    thanx to the people supplying correct answers, and hahaha to whose supplying wrong ones

  150. keri

    I’m getting my ass over to blockbuster with my ‘killer wears posh suits’ card! I’m going for american phsyco?? I’ll let you all know how I get on…or not as the case may be.

  151. keri

    I’m getting my ass over to blockbuster with my ‘killer wears posh suits’ card! I’m going for american phsyco?? I’ll let you all know how I get on…or not as the case may be.

  152. redgecko

    Animated aristocrat’s after antiques, i think that could be 101/102 dalmation but im not sure, hope this helps someone.

  153. redgecko


  154. Guy

    Stephen and I will sift through the latest lot of comments for definites and post them onto the list at the top of this page just as soon as we can verify them. The only one’s we’ll add are the ones that have been used and accepted. No Doritos staff fakes please!





  157. Keri

    WOOOO!!! killer wears posh suits is american psycho. It’s confirmed!The moronic duo ride moped one is dumb and dumber for sure!!!!!!WOOOO!!!!!!!!!!I’m way happier than I should be for getting a free video!

  158. keri

    how definite are the definites? have they all been tested?

  159. Guy

    The definites have been scratched. The answers have been revealed. Can’t say fairer than that!

  160. Becky

    #42 Little Ones Protect Trinket is definately is Lord of the Rings.

    I watched ‘About a Boy’ with that freebee!

  161. hbong

    Animated aristocrat’s after antiques = Tombraider

  162. Alex

    Is it supposed to be one in 4 packets has a cinema ticket or one in 4 packets has a scratch card? cos ive opened over 12 packets and they all contained scratch cards!

    got some more here

    Hes the greatest – Ali?
    Dodgy hairgel, Plastercast pet – Something about Mary?
    Dad grills daughters guy – Meet the Parents?
    Ed. Brad, ‘Hit’ Movie – Fight Club?

  163. Benjamin Todd

    Hi I have a suggestion for the Doritos clue that is “Convicted Robbins Makes Break” is it No Escape (1994)
    Directed by Martin Campbell – however I know a lot of people think it is Shawshak Redemption? (Please help I really want my free rental or I may have to surcome to Doritos marketing campain and buy 100 packets this weekend!!) – ben

  164. Bazza

    Does anyone have any clues for this one:


    Any help would be appreciated:)

  165. abc

    Wanna Royal with cheese – Pulp fiction?
    Best dressed alien hunter – Men in black?

  166. MB

    Brattish Boarders Discover Bunker – The Hole is the RIGHT answer (I also had a look under the secret silver panel!)

  167. MB

    Brattish Boarders Discover Bunker – The Hole is the RIGHT answer (I also had a look under the secret silver panel!)

  168. Mark Parry

    Five Felons Lined Up – The Usual Suspects?

  169. don

    We’ve got ALIENS WIPEOUT WHITE HOUSE and like others we think it could be Independence Day but we had FRESH PRINCE SAVES WORLD, which definitely is ID. Could also be MARS ATTACK(?), the one where those funny, little men go round zapping everybody. Did they obliterate the White House in that film?

  170. Laurence

    We’ve got “HOUSE’S SAFE PLACE – ISN’T” . Does anyone know? think it might be mission impossible…

  171. Smidge

    I have the clue “Guy’s cockney crime caper” , don’t know whether it is Lock Stock or Snatch. Think it is the first but need help please! Cheers.

  172. Elmo

    I would have thought that BARD FALLS FOR BABE is Shakespear in Love – just a suggestion.

    I have got MATHS BOFFIN MAKES BELIEVE (same as Redgecko) any ideas?

  173. Oliver Marsh

    I need help with this one please:
    “Funky Foxes In Flares” could be many….
    Please help

  174. Bazza

    FUNKY FOXES IN FLARES – Charlie’s Angels?

    Sorry they are just a guess!

  175. superstu

    I have ROBERTS GETS INTO GERE , i assumed it was pretty Woman but then could it be runaway bride ???

  176. Jacqui

    MATHS BOFFIN MAKES BELIEVE – This could be “A Beautiful mind”

    Are there any suggestions yet for

  177. Oliver Marsh

    THE FIRST RULE IS….. that could be fight club if that helps mate

  178. gh



  179. Oliver Marsh

    well OBVIOUS GUYS LINE UP could be Usual Suspects don’t no the other one

  180. Parks

    Marines meet female match – Private Benjamin

  181. smidge

    Gwyneth Grows a beard = Shakespeare in Love?
    I thought Marines meet female match was GI Jane?

  182. Oliver Marsh

    does anyone else have any other ideas for ‘FUNKY FOXES IN FLARES” or do you think its gotta be Charlies Angels?

  183. kirsty

    does anyone know what this one is ED, BRAD, ‘HIT’ MOVIE PLZ HELP I’M STUCK

  184. Kirsty

    Hello, is anyone there i said dus any1 av ED, BRAD, ‘HIT’ MOVIE PLZ HELP ME PPLLZZ

  185. Oliver Marsh

    Again this could possible be Fight Club cuz ED is supposively Ed Norton and BRAD is Brad Pitt thats the only film i remember them being in together so….

  186. Oliver Marsh

    Again this could possibly be Fight Club cuz ED is supposively Ed Norton and BRAD is Brad Pitt thats the only film i remember them being in together so….

  187. Manraj

    wat about MATHS BOFFIN MAKES BELIEVE and Animated aristocrat’s after antiques?

  188. ray

    hugh avoids taking vows is four weddings and a funeral…just so you know:D

  189. Burcin

    Crack code, win war = Enigma (claimed my movie today with that card)
    but, Obvious guys Line Up, does anyone know whether the usual suspects is definately the answer?

  190. trisha

    crack code, win war – ne ideas? write bk asap please coz im bored and cud do with a free movie plus the boyfriend just dumped me 🙁

  191. trisha

    ok ta burcin x

  192. Buffy

    I need help on
    Wall street’s serial killer
    Immigrant shares love advice

  193. Buffy

    I need help on
    Wall street’s serial killer
    Immigrant shares love advice

  194. Bazza


  195. Janice Hamilton


  196. halo

    LAURENCE-the houses safe place isnt one could be panic room, im sure it is, also paltro piles on pounds is shallow hal x

  197. halo

    LAURENCE-the houses safe place isnt one could be panic room, im sure it is, also paltrow piles on pounds is shallow hal x

  198. chaz

    Does anyone no wot ‘maximum adventure , maximus action’ is?????

    oh and thanx 4 ’70’s britain seduces asians’=east is east!!!!

  199. Zoe

    Argh I need some help here what is…

    “Its raining rose petals”

    “College kid’s car caper”

    thank you xxx

  200. pb

    any ideas about : ‘SUITS BOOT ALIEN INTRUDERS’
    should be ‘Men in Black’

  201. Oliver Marsh

    “Its raining rose petals”
    could be American Beauty
    “College kid’s car caper”
    could be Road Trip

  202. david

    can you help please …

  203. STEVE

    question for anyone there the ticket i have got says THE FLOCK IS QUIET any helps

  204. Mark

    Any ideas about: ‘obvious guys line up’

  205. Dorito Muncher


    Anyone know:


    Cant see them anywhere on here,

    (I think we have beaten 8 in a row! 😉 )


  206. redgecko


  207. Oliver Marsh

    SPACE SOLDIERS SQUASH BUGS – sounds like Starship Troopers to me…
    TWISTED MASK MINCES TEENS = uuuum Halloween Resurrection or Jeepers Creepers
    Obvious GUYS LINE UP = has gotta be Usual Suspects
    FUNKY FOXES IN FLARES = i have this card an i’m stuck i need help, Charlies Angels sound like the best bet!
    Hope they help

  208. Oliver Marsh

    ooops missed one
    ‘maximum adventure , maximus action’ = could be Gladiator.

  209. mandy

    i think ‘obvious guys line up’ could be ‘usual suspects’

  210. mandy

    i have ‘look out, rubber shark!’ obviously ‘jaws’? and’maths boffin makes believe’ please help.

  211. mandy

    gwyneth grows a beard cud b ‘shakespear in love’

  212. Buffy

    Can anyone help me on

    Immigrant shares love advice (a.s.a.p PLZ)
    Cool chicks kick butt (i think its Charlie’s Angels but I’m not sure, plz help)

    P.S Thanks to Bazza 4 American Physco

  213. Burcin

    ‘THE FLOCK IS QUIET’ sounds like Silence of the lambs

  214. halo

    does any one know if ‘leonardo gets a tan’ is the beach?

  215. brendan stuart

    da massive make movie=ali g in da house ???

    can anyone confirm