Free cinema/video

May 1st, 2003

Stephen Turvey has helpfully provided the answers to all the Dorito clues he’s worked out so far. There are some he’s not 100% sure about and some that he has absolutely no idea about. Film buffs, get yourselves over there and see if there are any you know.


6 Responses to “Free cinema/video”

  1. Anita

    i have alreday worked out coupe of the doritos movie clues but i can’t figure this clue out it goes something like this: “FOX NEARLY SNOGS MUM”, can you plz help me, thank you

  2. Anita

    HI, i have had a couple of Doritos movie cards but i don’t seem to work this clue out, and can you help me plzz it goes something like this: “FOX NEARLY SNOGS MUM”, thank you very much!!!!

  3. Guy

    Anita, Stephen’s site has plenty of answers to Doritos clues here: – maybe the answer you are looking for is over there?

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