Mayday Mayday, I’m bailing out

May 1st, 2003

I’ve been getting up slightly earlier than I used to in order to avoid the rush hour traffic that clogs up the Milton Keynes grid system. I’ve not been getting a shower in the morning in order to do this. Not to worry, the leaky roof of my ‘R’ reg Clio is making sure I don’t go without. Ever since we encountered the torrential rain en route to Southampton on Friday, I’ve been getting a soaking at every roundabout. It seems that water has penetrated through the fixing for the roof-top aerial and settled in the housing for the sun roof winder up and down thingy.

Obviously, the water has some trouble evaporating from the ‘sealed’ unit. The only way out is to utilise the extreme g-force of bombing around a roundabout in third. I get wet. Still, there are many roundabout in MK so you’d think it wouldn’t take too long for the reservoir to empty itself. Yeah, you’d think that but it just seems to be a never-ending pool of water. So I’ve taken to wearing my raincoat in the car, despite morning such as this with the sun gloriously streaming in. I’ve no idea what the people in the cars behind must think. It must look rather weird seeing a car that seems to have rain occurring within. Quirks, eh?


2 Responses to “Mayday Mayday, I’m bailing out”

  1. mark

    My mums p reg clio has the same trouble! I started moveing down the road and when i went down a slope in the road i got soaked and when i brake water comes rushing through the sun roof switches and i get soaked also comes inside the roof at the rear!If you can help me find out how the water is getting in would be very greatfull :)the ariel has a seal round it, can’t see it getting through there,do you know if it is a commen fault with the clio?

  2. Guy

    Mark, I’ve discovered that it’s the sunroof seal. It needs replacing. It will cost about £80 apparently. I’ve learnt to live with the water coming in – it’s got its own character (well that’s what i tell myself anyway!).

    Don’t know why you car is leaking through the rear! that’s a new one to me.

    Good luck and all the best.