Calories? What calories?

May 8th, 2003

A full five days of hard graft: Removing furniture and fish tank/fish from lounge in order to lift old carpet; lifting smelly old carpet, gripper and underlay; scrubbing the 70s tiles exposed beneath to remove the smell of ancient rubber underlay and dog flea treatment; mending broken tiles so the new carpet will lay flat; lifting carpet and underlay out of the house into car boot and delivering it to Helen’s Nan’s house; painting bedroom 2 pure white to cover hideous pink/silver existing paint; putting up heavy beech shelving to hold endless numbers of CDs; putting furniture back in lounge once new carpet was fitted; cutting front and rear lawns; installing new curtain poles and managing to completely forget Helen’s 24th birthday until a mere 12 hours prior to the event.

I hoofed over to MK at 5pm Monday night hoping to do some late night birthday shopping but forgot the fact that it was a bank holiday. Everywhere was shut! Nightmare. Got up at the crack of the dawn the following morning and went into town and picked up a few items, wrapped them and wrote out a card. Bought a load of food from Tesco to make Helen breakfast in bed and arrived back just before 9. We then spent the day shopping for more clothes for Helen. By lunchtime I was a walking zombie. Managed about 20 minutes relaxing in the bath before taking her out for a swish meal in the premier Buckingham Italian. Needless to say, I slept well that night.

Yesterday I discovered I couldn’t access the net at home, or make any phone calls for that matter. My BT line was down at the telephone exchange. BT were exceedingly helpful and re-routed any calls to my house to my mobile and sent me a text message explaining the problem. Still no phone today though but I’m back at work and able to post to the site.

Stephen’s site was receiving massive amounts of hits due to his Doritos film clue answers. Then the server went down and his site has been off air for the last 24 hours. Apparently they need to rebuild the hard drive. Do you think it’s sabotage by the Doritos gang?

Hugh has started posting more quality artwork to his site. He explains that the reason that not much has been put up lately is due to the complete lack of a phone point by his computer. He’s too lazy to buy an extension lead. Now that is lazy.

Don’t even mention the football. Nine days till the FA cup final. Who are we playing again? Awww shit!


2 Responses to “Calories? What calories?”

  1. Shay

    And the wall behind the radiator??

  2. Guy

    Avoided attempting that for now.