Biorb – Fish Heaven

May 12th, 2003

We were looking for a smaller fish tank for our fish this weekend. Two fish have died since we initially bought our massive rectangular tank two years ago. Now we only have four fish to care for.

We always liked the traditional goldfish bowl design but have always been unable to buy one due to the poor surface area, lack of filtration and lack of space. You can thus imagine our amazement to find the ‘Biorb’ whilst perusing the plethora of tanks on offer at Pets at Home.

The Biorb tank looks like a typical goldfish bowl but is much bigger (30L) and comes with an integrated filter, air pump and light. It’s made from acrylic and is tough as anything. It only uses one plug to power everything and is so aesthetically pleasing that despite the £70 price tag I will purchase one this week.


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  1. Sarah

    Hello there,

    Did you purchase a biOrb in the end? If so how do you get on?


    Reef One Ltd
    biOrb manufacturers.