Live TV poised for comeback

May 15th, 2003

According to todays Guardian, the home of topless darts, news bunny and other zany items, Live TV could be back on our screens very soon. This is despite the fact that it only ever attracted around 100,000 viewers at its peak. I know this news will excite Shay.

Live TV: Buy the book from Amazon.

Stephen’s site has returned along with the gold dust that is his Doritos post. However, at the moment he can’t update the site because they’ve moved him to a new server and he’ll need to reconfigure Movable Type. He has managed to get a small note onto his site using an include file. Needless to say, he’s not a happy chappy at the moment!

Despite my fears, it seems that my site is still live and kicking. I’ve got a few new items ready to roll in the next couple of months: A new MP3 section where you’ll be able to download music that I’ve made in the past and (hopefully) future. I’m also hoping to incorporate Photopal as soon as I can get it up and running on my Windows server. This should mean more frequent, up to date photos appearing on the site that you can easily browse at your leisure. Hopefully I’ll be able to configure it so Shay and Hugh can easily use it too. Don’t hold your breath though!

Almost forgot the funniest post ever.


One Response to “Live TV poised for comeback”

  1. Shay

    Live TV….warm memories and plenty of mammaries! My favourite piece was Tiffany’s business news when she would slowly undress while telling us about the FTSE 100. Quality.