Creative Jukebox Zen

May 19th, 2003

Having spent the last two years ripping my massive collection of CDs into MP3 format, I now need to find something to play them on. Sure, I can play them in the comfort of my own home from my PC, but I want music on the move. Enter Creative Labs Jukebox Zen – a tidy little 20GB MP3 player that can store thousands of tracks, all accessible by the click of a button. At nearly £150 cheaper than the IPOD, it’s a definite bargain. On first inspection there’s a nice blue backlit LCD display, rock solid metal casing and jog-dial menu selection. The NOMAD website also explains that the firmware is fully upgradeable and plenty of accessories are available. Time to smash that piggy bank…

Site additions

I have finally got around to uploading a number of photo galleries that I really should have done sooner. Friends and family will be interested to re-visit the photos section.


The less said about the result the better. It was, however, great to see the old 1976 footage dusted off by the BBC for our pre-match pleasure.


One Response to “Creative Jukebox Zen”

  1. Shay

    Loving the new Galleries page, would be great to get something like that added myself. Just got some new pics developed today that would look great on the site. Need to find a quality scanner though or upgrade to a digital camera….