Achieving Zen

May 21st, 2003

After 48 hours of umming and ahrring, I’ve bitten the bullet and made a purchase. In the next few days (hopefully) I will have Creative Labs Jukebox Zen (#2) in the palm of my hand. The RRP is £299, Creative sell it for £329, Watford Electronics for £268 but I managed to find the best deal at £253 (inc. p+p). Bargain.

I was slightly hesitant at first due to one review on that suggests that the PC software isn’t up to much. However, the writer of the review did direct us the feature-heavy and exceedingly cheap “Notmad” software that turns the MP3 player into a true ‘drag and drop’ device.

The 20 gig capacity will ensure that I can put my entire CD collection and more onto one portable device. Not only that, but there is also an FM radio wired remote that niftily plugs into the unit. When the thing finally arrives and I’ve had a play I shall write a review.

360 degree flash tour here.