Phone Booth

May 21st, 2003

Taking advantage of cheap night Tuesday at the Milton Keynes Cineworld, Shay and I bundled into screen 4 to enjoy Joel Schumacher’s (? – no idea of exact spelling, sorry) new crime flick – The Phone Booth. Having heard nothing about it bar the fact that ‘love rat’ Colin Farrell was in it, I didn’t know what to expect.

What was initially a random movie choice turned out to be a very entertaining and enjoyable movie. Basically Colin Farrell is a PR guy who’s so in love with himself you wouldn’t believe. Everyday he calls his bit off stuff on the side to whisper sweet nothings to her from a phone booth in New York. He does this because his wife checks his mobile phone bills. Anyway, he gets singled out by a sniper who phones him in the booth just after he’s finished on the phone to his mistress. And the sniper wont let him leave the booth for the duration of the film. We’re treated to a total and enlightening psychological breakdown once the initial arty-film stuff settles down.

Well worth your time. Before we went in I asked the girl selling tickets what it was like. She said “Well I didn’t really enjoy it, but everyone else here did”. I have decided to ask her about all future releases of which I know nothing.

Old friends

Paying the measly £5 annual charge to Friends Reunited really does pay dividends. I have recently tracked down my old buddy Andy Sachrajda by enabling the ’email’ functionality. Excellent.

Honda advert

You know that really cool advert for the new Honda Accord? Well, it’s available for viewing in its entirety on Media Guardian.