MP3 heaven

May 22nd, 2003

My shiny new Nomad Zen arrived this morning. My initial thoughts?: Not as heavy as I thought it was going to be (good), Excellent sound quality, loaded with features, crap headphones (bad, though expected), chunky leather carry pouch (good protection) and a decent sized screen. I am quite worried about scratching the LCD display though (something I have done to every single mobile phone I’ve ever owned). I am safe in the knowledge that for the first couple of weeks you’re always ultra-careful about stuff. Then you just don’t give a toss. A full review will be posted here in a few days no doubt.


3 Responses to “MP3 heaven”

  1. Hugh

    For the money you spent you could have got an iPod, in my opinion a valid purchase but I’m sure that what you now have will do the job fine. £259.89 or whatever it was you paid is a far cry from being “£150 cheaper than the iPod” unless you’re talhing about the new 35gb which is somewhere around £360 and even then it’s only £100 down(!) Cheers for sorting me an E-Mail though, I’ll send a message soon:-)

  2. Guy

    I actually prefer this to the ipod. For one, it’s got a blue screen rather than green. Secondly, the firware support is better and thirdly, the eq is second to none. The IPOD has been around for nearly two years now and is starting to become dated in terms of technology. Firewire is much slower than USB2 technology. But all in all they’re both stunning gadgets.

  3. Stephen

    The newest iPod starts at £212 and has both Firewire and usb 2.0 support.

    Both stunning gadgets I agree.