Free film heaven

May 27th, 2003

The Doritos scratchcard post is still buzzing with activity generating masses of hits that are rightfully Stephen’s. Hopefully we will have the post back in its original home by tonight. Don’t worry about it – all comments will transfer across too. The list of definites will also be updated soonish.


We went to Oxford on Saturday. A measly amount of photos are available.

My Clio is having the clutch replaced today. I took it to the garage last night after suffering a few problems in getting the car into first or second gear. They casually explained that the clutch was burnt out and I’d need to check the beast in to be replaced. Fine. Then I had a near-death experience on my way home from work on Friday. As I approached the roundabout near my road, I slipped the car into second and attempted to accelerate across the roundabout. Nothing happened. My car was sitting in the middle of the roundabout with cars about to hit either side of me. So I completely ignored the clutch and rammed the gear stick into first, restarted the engine and ragged it off the roundabout. Scary stuff. Today, on the nine mile trip to the garage I completely avoided any clutch control whatsoever. Tonight there will be a new clutch and safe driving will continue.


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