Keep Jon in

May 30th, 2003

Big Brother’s Jon is up for eviction this week. There is a high chance he will be voted out. This is a shame as he’s plainly intelligent, witty and an all round interesting chap. The producers evidently want shot of the bloke and have been editing the daily footage to show him as boring: Jon talks about Star Wars (cue: housemates yawning), Jon talks about the origins of black holes (cue: housemates yawning and walking away), Jon talks about the lyrics to ‘Hotel California’ (cue: amusing end sequence “Who goes, you decide”). You decide, who goes, you decide – JON JON JON. They want him out. More’s the reason to keep him in. He doesn’t seem to fit the whole brain-dead, angling for a high profile media job category of the usual contestants and is well spoken and well read. His fate is evidently sealed.


6 Responses to “Keep Jon in”

  1. Shay

    I agree about Jon but I’d rather him than the Anouska girl, I am a shallow person. Even the slightest suggestion her boobs might fall out and I’m addicted. Why don’t they vote out the other two, Frederico or that other idiot. They are actually the boring ones. Plus Rico fucked up the challenge. Get him outta there!

  2. Stephen

    I’m not remotely interested in it this year. I watched about 10 minutes the other day and concluded they were all about as entertaining as a kick in the bollocks.

  3. Shay

    I always think that every year, it takes time but you will get to know these strangers, by the end of week two you will be watching avidly!!

  4. Guy

    Too true. Anouska annoys the hell outa me. The ‘Noush’ one and ‘Tania’ are far more attractive. Even Justine beats Anouska hands down for me i’m afraid.

  5. Shay

    No way, she wears those tops that will pay out if you watch long enough, I love the fact that the possibility exists!

  6. Guy

    Shay, as ever, true to form. Kerching! Cashback. Your beer’s on the table. Make haste.