Heat and meat

June 2nd, 2003

If I was on the Atkins Diet, I would certainly have kept to the straight and narrow this weekend. No less than two BBQs each displaying a wealth of meat: chicken, lamb, beef, pork – you know the score. It will be nice to get some veg down my neck today.

Stephen’s redesign has launched. It looks good and nicely dresses up his Doritos post which today has 365 posts on it. There are some rumours that this promotion is coming to an end.

Thunder and lightening kept me awake last night but this relentless heat shows no signs of departing our fair land.

Jon is still in the Big Brother house and is providing us with more amusing stories and theories. He tried to create a solar panel to heat the pool on Friday. The fact that the pool was already heated was neither here nor there. The media still want him out but the News of the World did have an amusing in Saturday’s Sun: A picture of Jon with a speech bubble declaring: “Not to buy the News of the World would be illogical”. They’d photoshopped some Spock ears onto his head. Most amusing. Remember – keep this bloke in!