How to be a gardener

June 2nd, 2003

OK, here’s the deal: Our new back garden is a blank canvas and it needs a little life adding to it. I want to grow something up the back wall and the side wall. As you will see, the side wall has a view of the houses opposite, I’d like to block this view out. Also, the back wall needs something to tone down the view of the house behind. Not being a great gardener, I’m looking for ideas and inspiration. Over to you

More pics here


5 Responses to “How to be a gardener”

  1. Guy

    Honeysuckle and Jasmine climbers seem to be popular. Good idea? Yay or nay?

  2. Shay

    Dude, I think you need to have a picture attached to this blog to give people a good idea of what is needed. Honeysuckle can have a very dark green leaf and can look straggly I think. Clematis is a nice one though.

  3. Shay

    BTW I know you have linked to the pictures, I mean one posted in the blog, ie on the home page so we can look at the picture as we comment.

  4. Lou

    OK! I really don’t have green fingers and currently any plants I do have are infested with green fly! I have 3 honesuckle pots and they are going great guns – quite a dark green leaf yes – but great sweet-smelling firey orange flowers and lots of them. Maybe some tall plants, not neceassrily climbing, like foxgloves?
    I am not so sure I am best placed to advise you Guy – I am just a sucker for whatever looks nice in Columbia Road market!

  5. Guy

    Splendid advice Lou! I shall investigate those plants a little further.

    Shay, I shall put the pictures with the post. User feedback, as ever, is really appreciated.