Matrix: Reloaded: Transcribed

June 4th, 2003

Shay and I saw the Matrix Reloaded for the first time last night in the Milton Keynes UCI (deluxe screen 9). I say ‘first’ because I fully intend to see it many more times. It’s an absolute corker!

I must be one of the few who thought the underground Zion rave scene was an excellent little pause for thought. The soundtrack was immense too. I may have to get hold of it.

Being so in awe of the mind blowing special effects, I no doubt missed many of the subtleties in the dialogue. I will definitely need to see it again or get a transcript.

Tantek has been searching for the full transcript. He cannot find it in full but does manage to unearth the complete dialogue between Neo and The Architect.

And if you want to discuss the finer points of the films plot, effects and philosophy/theology: walk this way.


6 Responses to “Matrix: Reloaded: Transcribed”

  1. Shay

    I read the dialogue with the architect and I’m still confused. Hopefully Revolutions will explain all!

  2. sunflowersgalore

    I’ve found the full transcript of this movie somewhere. Drop me a line if you need it.

  3. Emily

    Welll i found the complete transcript @

    Its not a script theres only dilogue so you wont understand it unless youve been to tha movies
    ENJOY!! Its genuine trustm
    ive seen th emovie four times

  4. Guy

    Cheers Emily. That’s great. Thanks for the offer, sunflowers galore!

  5. samsondelilah

    I’m betting this is more than just a rumor !!

  6. Guy

    This is big and exciting news!