Recent MT comments

June 12th, 2003

Stephen has added a cool ‘recent comments’ list to his site template that will help him respond to recent comments across his blog. This is something I’ve been toying with for a while now, I just hadn’t figured out how to get a few words from each comment onto the page. Stephen has worked it out. Hopefully he will provide a tutorial on how to get MT to do this. It’s a great feature and every weblog should have one. Not only that, but he’s also put a ‘send this page to a friend’ facility onto his blog. The man is very considerate. Meanwhile, I have been creating a ‘business‘ part of my site but beware, it’s still being built…


3 Responses to “Recent MT comments”

  1. Stephen

    Thanks for the plug. Are you going to add it in your sidebar too?

  2. Guy

    I will be doing that when i work out how high up to put it.

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