Teething Trouble pt2

June 13th, 2003

Some readers may remember that back in January I was getting some serious jip from my bottom left wisdom tooth. I was seriously contemplating attempting surgery myself. Probably a good idea that I didn’t. Well, five months later and it’s still giving me grief. For the last week I’ve had the familiar taste of iron in my mouth as the bastard thing hasn’t stopped bleeding. My mate Sarah suggested it might be ‘impacted‘. Not the case. I finally got around to paying my dentist another visit this morning. She now agrees that it needs to be removed. I’ve got a bunch of tablets to ease the pain but they deny me alcoholic consumption. Apparently I will be violently sick. So, I’m putting off taking them until Monday.

An appointment will be made for me at Stoke Mandeville hospital to have the beast removed. You may remember that the tooth is twice the size of a normal wisdom tooth and it’s gonna hurt. I’m more than a little scared. Not that I need to worry too much as it’s going to be months until I go under the knife. My dentist asked me if I had any sort of private health insurance. I don’t at the moment, but maybe I will in the future. Anybody got any good recommendations. I had a swift glance at the BUPA site and one of their people will be sending me some stuff. Should make fascinating reading I’m sure.

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Sound tracking this post: The Bonzo Dog Band – Cornology [Vol1 -3] (Amazon has some sound clips)