Especially 4 Shay

June 17th, 2003


Well it’s too damn hot to write. So here are some pictures. I’m on a team away day tomorrow so I won’t be posting till at least the evening (assuming my PC doesn’t melt away). I can hear an ice-cream van…


At the risk of getting a dead-arm, this is Jo, Helen’s younger sister whilst paying Carberry castle a visit this weekend. Well, Shay, you keep on at me to give you more pics of Jo!


3 Responses to “Especially 4 Shay”

  1. Shay

    Dude! Not quite what I was hoping for! If Jo or Helen or her mum sees these there may be complaints! But I appreciate the thought!

  2. Guy

    Why will there be complaints? It’s all in the name of art! I think there would be more complaints if I were to put what you’re after up here!

  3. Shay