Letter from ‘nam

June 19th, 2003

Recently received…

“I like all the indie Bands U2 um… R E …..O speed wagon.

Were in Vietnam and still goin strong my son!

Han Noi The Comunist capital!

Its Quality we just come through Lous it was Beutiful with Beutiful people so friendly un like here the people are sharks!! IN LAos We went to vang Veing where you sit in a tube float down a river at the side of mountians in the. Then bamboo shoots come out from the side of the river people pull you to the bank and sell you Beerlaos the local bru and the best lager I have
ever tasted especially at 40 pence a bottle 650 ml larger than a fucking pint are kid. I had to do this two days running it was magical. Stopping
off on the way down the river to rave with the locals I dont Know what the fuck they were on cos they were dancing like dermented chickens. We also ate bugs from a cave they tasted like frazels/ bacon bits.

Swam in aqua blue water fall and swang like tarzan from a 30 ft rope swinf into the aqua pool quality.

So Im basically positioned in north NAM about to travel south (15 hours sweating like a pig on a spit) in a shitty coach to Hue south Nam check it
out on a map.

Anyway mate gotta go the sharks are circuling


… gotta get me some of them bugs.


Today I craweld through viet con tunnels and shot ak 47’s. Tonite im off to get pissed along with my mate fred flinstone (YABBA daba doo).

Its all Gravey

Austian Im leaven for cambodia tommoro to blow water Buffalos up with a rocket launcher i will e mail you from there are KID.