Short Range FM transmitter

June 19th, 2003

I’ve been looking around for a Digital FM Transmitter so that I can listen to my Zen MP3 player in my car. I’m pretty sure Maplin used to stock these devices but, alas, no longer. If anybody know where I can get hold of one I’d appreciate the info.

I found out about this idea from ex-Skunk Anansie singer Skin who, when interviewed for Word magazine, said she had one for her ipod. Basically the device emits a weak FM signal that you can pick up on your car stereo thus eliminating the need for those annoying cassette adapters (which, incidentally I can’t use as I don’t have a cassette player in my car.)


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  1. Jesse Holland

    I have one, as I do not have a tape deck in which to adapt a CD-player to. It works great, and on four different bands. The one I got is from Radio Shack, called an iRock.

    You can plug it into anything with a headphone/audio-out jack. I also use it alongside an inverter to watch DVDs on my laptop, with the transmitter transmitting the audio from the laptop. You can’t beat the price. $30.00 USD.

  2. Jazz

    UK outlaws iPod FM device
    By Macworld staff

    Use of Griffin Technology’s iTrip device has been prohibited by the UK authorities, reports AM Micro.

    AM Micro distributes Griffin’s products in the UK. It employed a specialist legal team to try to clarify the legal position for iTrip.

    iTrip is an FM transmitter for Apple’s iPod. It transmits music from the MP3 player on the FM wavelength, which can then be picked up by a radio.

    Now UK law-makers have declared that the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1949 forbids the installation or use of radio equipment in the UK unless a license has been granted by the Secretary of State, or a licensing exemption applies. Attempts to gain such permission for iTrip have failed.

    “Use of the iTrip in the UK constitutes an offence and can lead to prosecution of the user, dealer and seizure of all iTrips in the UK,” writes AM Micro managing director Steve Hawkins. “We believe we have an obligation to protect our dealers and their customers,” he said.


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  4. Craig

    Try a search on eBay. There are loads of them.

  5. Matt Bannister

    I am a college student studying electronics and for a project i’v got to build an FM Transmitter, i was just wondering if you could send me as much information on this or refer me to someone who can help me out, this would be much appreciated.
    Matt Bannister

  6. Big bad al

    Hi, Just reading the remarks about iTrip in the UK. Is there any way that I can Legaly listen to the MP3’s of iTunes outdoors over say a half mile radius with some degree of quality in strereo?.
    UK Regs suck!.

  7. Darryl

    Hello – any ideas for a medium range transmitter (1 km) that cannot be picked up by a regular AM or FM radio?