Camino crisis?

June 25th, 2003

Joe Clark tells me that this site’s main content column doesn’t appear in Camino – a version of Mozilla for Mac OSX users. I’ve no idea why. As he explains, it uses exactly the same engine as Mozilla. So, what’s the deal?

I’ve not looked at the GuyWeb source code for a while now as it seemed to be going good in all browsers. Now, Camino is screwing things up. I hope it’s a browser error that the developers will sort. If not, I’ll have to rethink. It seems to me that a 1-column based design will eventually rule the site (if I carry on using CSS for layout). Either that or the Zeldman hybrid design with one table used to deliminate the columns may prevail. Who knows. It’s annoying.


One Response to “Camino crisis?”

  1. Guy

    Jeremy at Adactio suggests that the problem lies in my CSS:

    #col1 .content {overflow:hidden;}

    The reason i use this is to stop the second column from pushing the second column beneath it when the content is too much to handle. I’ve removed it for now, hopefully to fix the Camino problem. Please let me know if you’re a Camino user and you have any other problems with the site. If you’re looking for the missing right hand col, the chances are that it’s beneath the main content.