Jon Tickle: A Living Legend

June 25th, 2003

My God, Big Brother has got boring since the eviction of Fed and Jon last Friday. These two were the life blood of the show. Fed alleviated his boredom by antagonising his fellow housemates and muttering to himself – “Oh, the hilarity of it all” whilst (wearing his ‘camp-man’ lycra suit) watching the others playing in the garden. His consistent failure to pass tasks was obviously getting to him despite his apparent lack of interest in doing them. His controversial opinions, whilst probably not shared by most, made for great TV.

Jon, on the other hand was far less controversial. He was absolutely fascinating to watch and when not providing us with highly useful factual information (how to make a solar powered heater for the pool, how black holes work), he was amusing us with his terrible renditions of Hotel California and ‘creepy’ dancing. Sometimes he’d throw something bizarre into the air (accusing Ray of mental abuse, for instance) but everything he did, again made for great telly. The other housemates obviously feared his superior intellect and wit and consistently voted for him. However, the joke would appear to be on them now. With viewing ratings sliding despite Channel four’s attempts to spice up the house, the remaining housemates look as if they might positively die of boredom. They’re already counting down the days until they leave.

Oh, the cruel irony of it all.

(Some links to Big Brother pages my not load initially due to an apparently crap BB web server.)

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5 Responses to “Jon Tickle: A Living Legend”

  1. Shay

    I heard ratings were up to their higest after the introduction of Gae. I mean didn’t you just love it when he called Tania a pig? When she was blabbing like a spoilt child about leaving the house I was shouting at the TV for her to go then and do us all a favour!

  2. Guy

    So, the ratings are up again? For how long? A week? The South African geezer could certainly stir things up Federico style but after a week we’re back to the tedium. Unless, Cameron’s experience of the South African house turns him into a mentalist. That would be great.

  3. Guy

    Ernie (Best blog post ever) from Little Yellow Different tried to post a comment. It failed, so I’ve put his email here instead. As you will see, he also loves UK Big Brother…

    I wrote a long comment on your post about Big Brother, but my browser
    crashed, so I’m sending you an e-mail.

    So it’s kind of sad, but I’m such a big reality TV fan that I actually keep
    up with Big Brother UK – obviously I don’t have Channel 4, but during slow
    days at work (which lately has been every day) I constantly refresh the
    website over and over and over again. (I’m sad, I know.) I’m such a BB
    junkie that I actually keep track of all the BBUK drama; the whole Nasty
    Nick thing, how Jade got it on with PJ, how incredibly boring this season of
    BB is. The first season of BBUSA was even more boring than this – so much
    so that for subsequent BB’s, they changed the rules so it became more like
    Survivor (us Americans love scheming bastards)

    Then I tell my friends about BBUK, and they look at me like I just gave
    birth to aliens.

    Oh well, just wanted to drop a note and say hi. Take care!
    – Ernie

  4. Tom

    Where can i find a recording of hotel california by jon tickle. Please help, JON RULES!!!!

  5. Tom

    Where can i find a recording of hotel california by jon tickle. Please help, JON RULES!!!!