RNIB – bite back

June 26th, 2003

I don’t know what point this lady is trying to make but she mentions this site! Tim at Made for All alerted me to this fact and it’s kind of cute that my humble blog that has only recently been mentioning anything to do with web design ends up on the other end of somebody’s wrath. I like it. Anyway, we pay a visit to her site and discover that she’s a usability/accessibility expert. It all becomes clear. I’m guessing that she probably put in a consultancy bid with the RNIB and didn’t get it. Now she’s trying to make herslef look big and clever but has actually ended up being amazingly transparent in her intentions: “Hey, W3C list, look at me – I’m the best, look at my amazing site. Look how crappy Ian Lloyd’s site is.”

She says we should ‘sweep our own’ before ‘going out to sweep others’. Interesting. I can’t speak for the others but my site used to be good. It’s got bad and it’s getting worse. I’m sorry, but I don’t pretend the site to be anything other that a personal site with the potential to drive some business my way. It hasn’t so far, I’m not expecting it to until I sort it out.

Accessify provides a massively useful resource on accessibility. Information that you, Tania, would charge companies money for. Made for all, also writes about accessibility issues (again, not for profit). They are a collaboration of like-minded minds who want to better the web for others. Aint nothing wrong with that.

The fact that the relaunch was mentioned is that it is big news. A organisation that caters for the visually impaired ought to set a good example. People will visit this site as an example of what to do. They will copy bad ideas and techniques. This is why the critique is so necessary.

Let the name-calling and bitching begin…


Ian Lloyd has posted some screen shots of the RNIB redesign on a pocket PC. He’s included the ‘official’ version alongside Simon Willison’s CSS revamp. The results speak for themselves.


2 Responses to “RNIB – bite back”

  1. Stephen

    Haha you’ve got to laugh.

    The people who *really* know what they’re talking about are the one’s who offer their wisdom freely over the web, accessible to everybody. These are the guys that deserve all the kudos.

  2. Guy

    Well, she did outline the fact that my MT individual archive templates were buggered. So, thanks for that Tania. The homepage is a bit more of a bugger since I’ve really lapsed with validating urls. For that, I am truly sorry. Validate the css from here and you will see that i now have a green light (for today anyway).