The Mythical Mailto subject

June 26th, 2003

I’ve always been a little confused by sites that add strange bits of code to the end of their email links. The non standard markup up usually comes in the form of ‘ subject=subjectitle’. Never seemed quite right. So I looked it up and found why not to use ?subject= in your webpage email links.


2 Responses to “The Mythical Mailto subject”

  1. gill


  2. MC

    I find the supplied link a bit misleading.

    There is nothing about a mailto: link that is related to form processing. The result of clicking a mailto link is not a form submission. Why does the auther of the linked article look at the FORM part of the spec?

    A mailto: link is just that.. a link. It’s a URL.

    and search on that page for section “3.5. MAILTO”

    here we see that only an email address is expected, and no other information is implied.

    So why do some people still put subject, body, cc and bcc fields? Like here:

    Because the HTTP spec also says that &’s in a form submission are strictly speaking ‘disallowed’. And who has implemented this?

    The spec is the spec, but real-world is a bit different.