Letter from ‘nam #2

July 1st, 2003

The Deans reports…


You will all be glad to know the water buffalo got it, how ever it was not all plain sailing. Unfortunatley I was slightly off target with the rocket launcher (bloody dodgy rusian equipment) and I only managed to mame the beast so I had to pay an extra $20 and finish him off point blank gangsta style with a hand gun. No im only joking I couldnt afford to do the water Buffalo ($500) so I had to go for the equally savage $20 chicken and Bayonette option. No dont wory im jokin again, I love animals, Im a fully paid up member of the RSPCA and have a dog called spot.

No really, I did manage to get my hands on an M16 Machine Gun and let rip automatic style much better than the AK 47. Brit thinks ive lost the plot but I just want to shoot guns.

Im on the islands of tialand Driving around Ko Samui like a man possesed on a moped I love it its all I want to do I got 110 km out of the beast today. (no honestly it seems quite fast at the time). I went up a mountian by accident today lookin for a waterfall got to the top knackered and found a snake on the path so I ran away.

Im of to the island of Ko paghn Yang soon to party like a beast and destroy any remaing functional brain cells and do some serious damage to internal organs at the full moon party. Which probably aint a good idea as I was planning to sell my body to medical science on return to the uk to level the debt of traveling, but I dont think they would have it now.

Oh my god I can see a monkey to my right!!!!! Quality see every one who wants to see me in about three weeks were go KRAZY but not in the varsity
hey Jordan.

Take care

Harry, still with it I reckon.

Zippy is playin a blinder out here!”