July 7th, 2003

We’re about 70% of the way through removing the woodchip from our hall/landing. The difficult above-the-stairs bit is done. We’re now back at work and will be tackling the rest of the hideousness in the evenings. The wallpaper stripper tool has been a godsend. The two razor blades make for lighter work and slapping on a little adhesive remover means that we don’t need to bother with all that steaming nonsense.


5 Responses to “70%”

  1. gem

    does that make you a male stripper?

  2. gem

    does that make you a male stripper?

  3. Tim

    How hard was it to remove the woodchip wallpaper? What did you use to do it with?

  4. Jessica


    I have eight rooms in my soon to be new house that have woodchip wallpaper and textured papered ceilings. They all need to be stripped. You clearly are experienced in this. Please share all your advice on the best way to tackle this task.

  5. Guy


    I’ll point you to this page on my site:

    If you need anymore help let me know.