Weekend briefing

July 14th, 2003

Friday: Enjoyed a tasty mixed grill at the seven stars in Dinton whilst celebrating Sarah’s birthday.

Saturday: Partook in the Cranfield village fete, manned a tom bola stall for all of five minutes before being whisked away to play in a five aside football tournament that Shay entered me for prior to arriving. Shay managed not to play until the second half as he was having his tarot read. The beer was plentiful and the sunshine was abundant. Along with Shay’s sister and friends we managed to stay in the great outdoors for nearly eight hours. To Helen’s utter surprise the next day she found she’d been eaten alive by mosquito’s. Photos of the weekend were to be posted here today but I managed to leave my camera at Helen’s parents house last night.

Sunday: My cousin James announced that he was getting engaged to his long-term girlfriend, Fiona. Congratulations guys.