Cranfield fete snaps

July 15th, 2003

My thimbleful of Cranfield Villiage Fete photos are now uploaded. Once again, a great day out. I now recall a drunken conversation with Shay over which three fingers you use to bowl with. Shay was adamnant that you use the three consecutive digits to your thumb (but not your thumb). Helen swore blind that the thumb goes in one of the holes. In order to see who’s right, an evening of bowling has been organised tonight in the Milton Keynes Snowdome. I know where the smart money goes!


7 Responses to “Cranfield fete snaps”

  1. Shay

    Me right? The smart money goes on me? You need your thumb and little finger either side of the bowl to provide balance. We shall see tonight. Have you booked?

  2. Stephen

    There’s no way you can roll a bowling ball without using your thumb dude! The holes are adjacent, you can’t possibly put three fingers in those holes in a triangular shape and gain any kind of wrist stroke arm momentum.

  3. Guy

    Someone’s gonna be looking a little silly tonight aint they?

  4. Tracy

    Dont mean to butt in but I didnt think you used you thumb either…
    Who was right in the end anyway???

  5. Guy

    Shay was wrong. You use the thumb to support the ball. The thumb actually helps the ball go in a straight line down the aisle. It is physically impossible to get three fingers into the bowling ball holes unless you have insanely long, versatile digits.

  6. Shay

    I WAS WRONG!!! How can I live with myself?

  7. Tony Vega

    Hello Guy
    I see that you have taken photo’s of a man called ‘Jason Burger’.
    Can you please pass on my mobile no: to him and ask him to contact me –

    Tony Vega (ex Farnell colleague)
    07836 327 530