Slight return

July 24th, 2003

I’ve been spending the last two days with my mum and bro’. They came up to see the Carberry castle for the first time since we moved in April. We got off to a bumpy start, having to take Hugh to an emergency doctor on Monday night as he was complaining of stomach pains. He was diagnosed with possible food poisoning and given an injection in his ass and some morphine for his enjoyment. He’d been to a number of BBQs over the weekend. Says it all doesn’t it? He spent much of tuesday in bed, groaning.

After a second trip to my local doctor in Buckingham for more injections and potions, he was right as rain by wednesday and was happily hacking my garden to bits, saying things like “This tree is diseased, this tree shouldn’t be here, these plants are being burnt by the wind…”. Yet again, my inability to garden is made clear to me.

Back at work today and what a pile of work I have to get on with. No time to surf or blog here until at least friday night. I’ll try to do something at home.