Investigating Clio

July 30th, 2003

I decided to take the driver’s front wheel off my Clio last night in order to assess the wheel bearing problem myself before delivering the car to the garage. To my relief, I discovered that the noise was being caused by a small stone caught in the brake shoe. I swiftly dislodged the offending item with a screwdriver and popped the wheel back on. Money saved. However, we’ve been having a bit of a rainy patch recently and yet again the sun roof is doing me no favours. I’m not exactly getting fed up with donning a full Helly-Hensen outfit before taking a spin in the rain, but I thought I may as well take advantage of the garage appointment to have the seal redone. Third time lucky, fingers crossed.

Still considering a auto upgrade. Golf, Astra and Focus remain favourites. Parker’s Guide 2003 is in my arsenal along with the latest regional Autotrader.


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