RIP: Arnie

August 13th, 2003

Received from Helen this morning:

I have just had an email from Mum. Arnie Nicola’s big gold fish died last night, it went mental and was dive bombing the bottom of the tank then just flipped over so they buried it in the garden. Oh dear!!!

H xx


2 Responses to “RIP: Arnie”

  1. Shay

    Sounds like he put up more of a fight than Delbert. Hopefully they can be friends together in goldfish heaven! At least Arnie got a decent burial and not unceremoniously flushed down the bog!

  2. Guy

    Nicola would have found a bog flushing most undignified. Everybody’s happy this way. Amazingly the black moor that can only swim upside down and spends most of its day looking wretched at the bottom of the tank, outlived arnie! Mad.