Site downtime

September 8th, 2003

Right, as some of you may be aware the site went down for a considerable
amount of time this weekend. Seeing as I was still on holiday, I didn’t
really mind finding out that my
harddrive had been destroyed taking my site down with it.
You may recall that a similar thing happened to Stephen
not so long ago. We’re both with the same host but our sites sit on
different servers. It’s a bit of a blessing as it means that when our
sites go down we can each let people know on our own sites. So that’s

Now that my holiday has come to an end, I have endless amounts of photos
and tales to tell yet this site is in no shape to tell them. This post
is hard coded as I have no access to Movable Type since my MySQL database
seems to have gone walkies. So it could well be back to daily evening
posts like the good ole’ days. All hell could break loose when Shay
returns to find that he can’t tell anybody about his exploits in Amsterdam.
He even bought a flashy new camera to take a load of pics for his site!
He’s not gonna be happy.

I do however, have faith in Hostzone who have sorted out this problem
in the past. Hopefully we will be cooking on gas by the middle of the
week. If not, back to quill and parchment I’m afraid!

Also not working: Message Board, some images, commenting. Please keep
your fingers crossed!