Jump London

September 10th, 2003

Not as spectacular TV as we had hoped. Didn’t do enough justice to this eciting new sport. Matt Jones reviews with pictures.

Find out more about free running…

If you want to learn more about ‘free running’ – the sport of people in ‘Jump London’ the head on over to The site has tonnes of articles, tips tricks etc to get you started.


35 Responses to “Jump London”

  1. Stephen

    Still pretty cool though.

    Wonder how many people break their legs today trying to copy.

  2. joshua stoneley

    hi i would like you to know i am doing a website and had a hyperlink which goes to your site because i have put it on recommended sites so if you want me to take it off just email me

  3. Guy

    No problem Joshua. Let me know the url of your site!

  4. bob

    Does anyone know the names of the guys who did that jump london thing? If you do could you let me know?!

  5. Dan

    full on.

    go there.

    have fun

    peace out

  6. ryan monk

    i think that this sport is very entertaining to watch but can be very dangerous im into this sport myself and try a bit now and again

  7. Dave

    What the hell do you mean “not as spetacular as we would have hoped.” I would like to see you pull some of that stuff. Also the discipline of freerunning is onl as dangerous as you want it to be. So if anyone broke their legs its their fault that they couldn’t judge properly. So before you say anything like just think about it.

  8. Guy

    Dave, maybe I should have explained myself better. It was not what the freerunners were doing that was not spectacular, it was the film itself which didn’t manage to capture adequately the amazingness of it all! The people featured were plainly really good but the director chose to do lots of arty bits and bobs that toally detracted from the people jumping london.

  9. dave

    Very very cool! Very Interesting also. Are the Jump London production team contactable?

  10. ash1977

    the guys were called,
    sebastien facour-the built black guy, stefan virou-torn ligament, yohan virou-red trousers-and jerome somethin dont know. it was amazing. best thing ive ever seen, although a squirrel chacing a frog comes close

  11. hmmmm..........

    i like children


    no one can say that programme was bad and i know a few people that have copied free running and have now done it for a year and are really really good. ive started a bit as well. its fun but practise makes perfect!

  13. irefusetogiveitup


  14. Baz


    VISIT IT FOR THE BIGGEST Free Running / Le Parkour

  15. Tom

    i thought it was an excellent production i suppose it would be a little dangerous but i personaly found it very fascinating and looks really fun i think sebastien the black guy was probably the best then probably the one with red trousers i think he was called stefan

  16. pete

    i think that sebastien the black guy was by far the best but it showed the lad with red trousers doing the jumps first .i wanna know why because he was the newest member of the group so he wasnt the best .overall the show was amazing.and i have started to do freerunning a bit now.

  17. Ricarda

    hey, does anyone know if there have been plans yet to jump berlin???

    thanx, Ricarda

  18. Manisha

    It was a brill programme . I reckon everyone does freerunning (or used to when they were younger), but these geezers have taken it to ‘extremes’, which is cool.
    The black bloke was probably da best- but he has been doing it since they were like 15, so no wonder.
    Does anyone know anythin about the stephane guy?

  19. jak

    I think that free running is the best thing since sliced cheese with bacon bits in. I have been trying it out round my hood and found some nice jumps, goddam hurt me knee doing one, but I don’t get hurt that often so it’s ‘aight’ yo olympics watch out… 2020..recognise!

  20. sam woodford

    i is from southampton do u no where some free running clubs r tell me befor half 10pm cheers

  21. sam woodford

    do u write bk

  22. sam woodford

    happy new year happy new year happy new year happy new year happy new year happy new year

  23. kerbie

    their names are: sebastion foucan, johan and stefan vigroux, and jerome ben aquis.
    Though Jerome was newest to the group, he still joint about 5 years ago and practises in lisse everyday.
    johan is recovering from his torn ligament and does running with a coach every day, and is training up with seb again.
    David Belle (who wasnt in jump london, but founded parkour with seb) is making a parkour movie that will come out this year. Also starring Cyril Raffaelli from kiss of the dragon. for pics n vids!

    Hope this helped!

  24. fish

    canu gimme tips on freerunnin (email me) thanx

  25. free runner mad

    i love the sport does anyone
    know any websites apart from
    urbanfreeflow pls get back

  26. irefuse

    Whats wrong with urban freeflow, it has evrything you need ther!

  27. Lloyd

    xactlyyyyy irefuse…. and dave sayin it didnt do the sport justice is an understatement … just bcos they didnt do all of the “big” jumps that ud like to see doesnt mean thewy didnt do the sport justice. . i mean the sport isnt just about jumpin far and high .. its a state of mind

  28. Scott McNeil

    i love this movie its opened my eyes so much me and my friends do a thing called gaping which is like free running but diffrent in some ways i jusat wanted to say i’m glad thats there are outher people like me and my friends using the city as a play ground

  29. dev

    jump london was incredible. is not the only site!!!!!!!!!!! there is, and loads others!!! check out that is our site! we have been doing parkour for 6 months and are completely hooked! does anyone know wot david belle’s new movie is going to be callled? cheers….

  30. iREFUSE



  31. iREFUSE



  32. lewis & chris

    we are settins up a parkour/freerunning club of our own contact banovallum secondary shcool in lincolnshire.

  33. lewis & chris

    the parkour club is up and running send us a e-mail for more info.

  34. steely

    wot happens when we dont have any cars or transport anymore.freerunning would be a great way to get around.

  35. ben

    free running aka parkour is amazing 😀