Digital radio price crash

September 11th, 2003

Tonight it’s week 2 of midweek(ish) pool playing and boozing for Shay, Stephen and I. Hugh will also be joining us for a few cold ones too so it’ll be a right ole’ party.

We went down to the celler bar here at work for a cheeky pint at lunctime. The bar is the spitting image of the old Cavern Club in Liverpool but slightly smaller. It would seem that Thursday has become the new Friday.

Tomorrow I have a day off, something that the other guys wont have. I see this as my license to get well and truly blotto. So don’t expect any updates tomorrow!

Here’s some good news – Digital radio prices are set to tumble. This means that we can all switch on to top quality stations such as XFM and 6 Music. Can’t wait.


5 Responses to “Digital radio price crash”

  1. David Blaine

    Please, I’m starving. Can you throw a burger up to me? I’m going mad in here. Can you feel the magic? The magic is coming…

  2. Stephen

    Just how much wacky backy did you bring back from Amsterdam, El P?

  3. Guy

    David, Apparently your nappies might contain something for you to eat.

  4. Guy

    Whoa! We both posted a commetn at the same time. Thought that might happen one day. Fortunately MT can cope! Wicked.

    Shay, winners don’t do drugs!

  5. Wacko Jacko

    Heeee heee! Hey Mr T, you leave my brother El P alone, he ain’t into drugs muthafucker! Whoooo! C’mon!