A better search

September 20th, 2003

The old Atomz search that I was using on this site only allowed me to have 500pages indexed. Now the site has exceeded that amount I have changed to the Movable Type Search instead. This means that searching the blog will be a lot easier. The downside is that it doesn’t search photos or anything outside of the blog. I’m trying to work out a way to ensure that the other areas become searchable.


2 Responses to “A better search”

  1. Stephen

    Run the Atomz search alongside the MT search. Block the /archives directory using the Atomz admin so it misses out your masses of news pages which MT will index for you.

    Divide up your search page into search news and search site content or something.

  2. Guy

    I think you have something there. I will indeed, at somepoint do just that.