Country music, pulling teeth and bizarre films

September 23rd, 2003

On Friday Shay, I and a bunch of others played a set of five country songs for our mate Jason’s birthday party. The tracks were: Take it easy, Jolene, The Thunder Rolls, Lucille and Sweet Home Alabama. The gig was a drunken shambles due to our complete lack of practise and the PA at Cranfield football club not being up to the task. Still it was good to get behind the guitar again and I’ve been inspired to start writing the next deathbru album.

Yesterday I had a random day off and watched two of the weirdest films yet courtesy of Shay’s video collection: Donnie Darko and Mulholland Drive. Both very very odd. I feel I will need to watch both again before I even attempt the third VHS: Brotherhood of the wolf.

Today is the day that my bastard wisdom tooth is yanked from my jaw forever. A two-day fast will no-doubt ensue after the operation. I hope to keep the tooth in order to show you exactly how big the thing is in relation to a *normal* wisdom tooth.