Worst film ever

October 3rd, 2003

There was nothin worth watching on terrestrial TV last night so I fired up my Sky Digibox, turned to ITV2 and settled down with Mission to Mars. What a complete load of predictable rubbish that was. And it had a truly awful soundtrack too that did nothing to enhance the threadbare plot. Weird that it had some pretty good actors acting pretty badly. Avoid.


Hugh’s site has had a lick of pain paint and new pages have been added. It’s still being tweaked but works fine on IE6 (PC) and Mozilla/Firebird (PC). Screen shots of it on other browsers would be appreciated.


3 Responses to “Worst film ever”

  1. Rich

    “a lick of pain”? Some poeple would pay good money for that 🙂

  2. Avram

    How can you possibly say there was ‘nothin worth watching’ last night? Jonathon Ross was on BBC1 last night. Interviewing a very raspy Quentin Tarantino. With clips from Kill Bill!

    Still, I understand about lousy television. Sometimes a picking up a book makes everything much better.

  3. Thuy

    “Down to You” starring Freddie Prinze Junior and Julia Stiles. I had a freddie phase and had to go and see any movie starring him, but this soon put an end to my delirium. I left with a feeling of “Huh?? what the hell was that!!??what was it really about? What a load of crap!!” If it had some deep, psychological meaning which would have been more appropriately reserved for the more articulate then perhaps they should have changed the age rating from 12 to 112, as it would take someone that old and that long to figure out the relevence of such rubbish. Anyway(rant over), that’s just my opinion.