No more stitches

October 6th, 2003

Got home on friday from Mandy and Chris’ wedding reception rather worse for wear. Chris had somhow managed to get me to drink a hefty amount of whiskey prior to leaving on top of five pints.

However, due to being mentally drunk I decided to get out the scissors and cut away the
painful stitches from where my wisdom tooth used to be.

I have now been pain free since friday night after doing something that could have all gone horribly wrong, . I was amazed at my high-precision ability to snip just the stitch and no flesh! This left me free to puke my guts up the next morning without hideous amounts of agony.

Last night I watched Derren Brown put a gun to his head in his own version of Russian Roulette. Excellent bit of TV, far outclassing that loser in a box over the Thames.