What’s going down?

October 9th, 2003

Today is my last day of work before Helen and I embark upon a much needed week off. Rather than package ourselves off abroad, we’ve decided to stay in blighty and do a few things that don’t involve getting up, lying by a beach, drinking, lying by the pool, eating grade F non-EU meat etc. No, instead we are to sample the simple delights of a health farm, horse riding, off roading and seeing the Super Furry Animals live in Birmingham. Q magazine gave them tour of the month and I’m looking forward to the yeti costumes.

Mike and Sarah are coming to dinner on Friday and in their honour I have been preparing a curry to end all curries. I’ve been slowly marinating the chicken in a home-made tikka sauce for the last 24 hours. Tonight I will cook the meat and add a hefty amount of vegetables and additional spices. I will then leave the mixture to stew in its own juices for another 24 hours before Mike and Sarah arrive. It’s gonna be good, you know it is.

Listened to Guns ‘n’ Roses’ Appetite for destruction on my drive into work this morning. Still kicks ass after all these years.

Amazon pleasently informed me this morning that my copy of The Matrix:Reloaded DVD is winigng its way to me. Today is a good day.