Monster feet slippers

October 16th, 2003

I get a fair few emails from people wanting to buy monster foot slippers like the ones Pete is wearing in this picture.

I have absolutely no idea where you can buy monster foot slippers and haven’t been able to find out where Pete got his. So, if you know where to get a pair, please leave your suggestions below (add a comment!) Hopefully all you monster slipper loving people will succeed in your quest to find this unusual holy grail.


4 Responses to “Monster feet slippers”

  1. hugh

    WONDERBOY, WHAT IS THE SECRET OF YOUR POWER! hows it going, i’m at work at blue marque and i’m bored, please TAKE ME AWAY FROM THE MUCKY MUCK.

  2. Tracy

    Woolies sell those slippers. Maybe not exactly those but a range of oversized feety things
    I got Dolphins on my feet!!!
    “They call them slippers, Faster than lightning!!”

  3. Daniel

    Man those are awesome. You came up on my google search for ‘monster slippers’. Pete pretty much the has the ideal pair. I envy you pete. (note: i am full aware of the potential pete’s dragon joke but i dare not attempt)

  4. Ed Howard

    I found a site that has these slippers for sale. It is out of Australia, and they call them dinosaur slippers. They are $32 + shipping.