Subway to Venus

November 5th, 2003

Twelve songs have been collected so far for the new Deathbru album. Some I wrote some considerable time ago in their entirety, some were half-arsed efforts (bits of music but no real lyrics or nowt) and one or two are completely new. Twelve is a good number of tracks for a collection and I’m looking forward to dusting down the Deathbru studio to lay them down.

It’s a varied set consisting of some chillout tracks, some loud rock tracks, some jazz tinged stuff and some truly ancient material that I wrote with Matt a long time ago. The end result should be an interesting listen. I will start recording shortly.

The tracks are: “Fax smiley (sic)”, “Enter the land of Milton”, “I’d like to waltz”, “Mediterranean Blue”, “Same Ole’ Song”, “The Old Man”, “The Warehouse”, “Avoiding Puddles”, “Like a fine wine”, “Devil’s Call”, “You don’t realise” and “The big question”. Some of the titles of these tracks may change as they are working titles. The working title for this project is “Subway to Venus”.