Removing empty space from hidden tracks on CDs in MP3 preparation

November 13th, 2003

Possibly the longest title for a post ever buy hey-ho. I’ve been using a tidy little app to remove the unwanted silence between the last track on a CD and the hidden track some 30 odd minutes later. This trend started with Nirvana’s ‘Endless Nameless’ back in the early 90s. Bands are still irritating us with this crap ten years on.

This make for exceedingly annoying MP3s – wasting megabytes of memory on our mp3 players. Enter Audacity – a free utility that you can use to edit and re-saved you MP3 files. Job’s a good ‘un. You’ll also need to get hold of the lame dll if you don’t already have it.

Still trying to work out how to extract tracks that appear before the CD starts like Guerilla by the Super Furry Animals.