Dave Martin

November 14th, 2003



10 Responses to “Dave Martin”

  1. Shay

    What the fuck?

  2. Guy

    Shay, climb the monkey puzzle tree using only your pogo stick to aid you. Avoid Mr. Lagerdeck’s sprites and return the christian shoehorn to the rightful leaky bottomhole.

  3. Harry Deans

    Hugo had always been fond of Mr Davies the ground keeper, and would often be found helping the merry gardener on the School allotments. Come wind, rain or snow Hugo was always willing to lend a hand, on really cold days Mr Davies would invite Hugo into his old tool shed for a cup of coco. One of Hugo’s favourite chores was to polish the old man’s tool’s a job that required a strong right arm and a lot of elbow grease

  4. Guy

    Gulliver was rather partial to studying perculiar trends in meterological events, so much so that he’d become somewhat devout to his friend Barnaby over the last few weeks. The weatherstation had succombed to some rather violent weather – not uncommon for this particular time of year. Barnaby had enlisted the help of Gordon and James to right the crooked fence. It wasn’t until Gulliver produced some sparkling new nails that work fully commenced.

  5. Harry Deans (via text)

    The morning had become much of a muchness. Jean-Francois, the French exchange student had turned out a complete bore. Chaz wondered if all those from the continent lacked endeavour and spirit – two characteristics that the boys of st. Sebastians house had thought vital.

  6. bywayof

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  7. Steve

    LOL! I’ve just spent five minutes reading it back and it makes a lot of sense! I have come to the conclusion that Steve and myself are the only ones who give a shit about standards in JP. I was trying to explain to my boss how much bandwidth teh company would save annually if they adopted standards and re-designed using CSS, but it’s the big bods (i.e. Dave Martin) who need re-educating. I would love it (Kevin Keegan type speech) if the RNIB hammered us for lack of attention to accessibility, oh how I would laugh!

  8. Emma

    You what?????????

  9. gem

    a queen, i said is a precious vessel. the state ordains that her body shall exist to carry princes.

  10. Shay

    Show me the room where the buffalos roam and I’ll show you a room full of shit.