November 18th, 2003

Just lately I’ve been living a lot more often than usual. The process of ‘living’ is what the Deans and I refer to as that moment when you’re acutely aware of the time and space that you are currently occupying – the ‘here and now’ as it were. It can cause you to freak out massively and indeed just lately I have been freaking out, massively.

Here I sit before my computer, living. Time passes very slowly when you’re living because you’re aware of every second that ticks by. Now I am aware that I am thinking about living and thus am in phase two of hyper-awareness. I was living earlier as I walked around the contained grounds of The Open University. I freaked out: “Here I am, living. How the hell did I get to be in the simulacra of a city that is Milton Keynes?” It’s enough to make you lose the plot.

Verily, my email conversations have been rather lucid of late:

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Shay: Booyakasha! Is Jo working? Extra fries!!??
Me: Jo is working. We meet. We eat.
Shay: I got yo beat, it’s off da street!
Me: I forgot my wallet today. I need helen to provide me with parking change. I hope she comes through or im gonna be in serious trouble.I mean she’s just gotta come through right?
Shay: Normally I’d say yes but she’s been acting kinda weird lately, ever since she walked home through the graveyard….something’s just not the same. Fluffy has been hissing at her….
Me: This could very well be the end of line for Mr. Rodgers from the Teenage Mutant ‘Hero’ turtles. Once and for all. At least I can have closure.

Jason: Not sure, I have to go to London tomorrow. What are your plans Shay?
Shay: I’m easy. Not like that you perverts!!
Me: what? u just let me know yeah ttttthhhhhhhhhhhherrrree’s a fada over the ‘e’!!! Ééééééé. alas.
Jason: I think we have a language barrier some where, I am afraid my translator is on holiday. I have a meeting in Croydon at 2pm so with Dubbleya’s visit I don’t know how bad the traffic will be,hence I am not sure what time I will get back.
Me: Your translator has been up to no good and has been put in the stocks again. I saw him earlier whilst queuing up to get a pidgeon license at MK centre post office. You might want to go and get him out of the pickle he so evidently is in.

The knowledge that you’re alive and existing within a time and space effects you. I don’t even know what I’m trying to say.


2 Responses to “Living”

  1. Stephen


    Try having a good smoke at the same time.

  2. Guy

    I know exactly what you mean. Living is scary.